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MSN/Windows Messenger

Found 4 results

  1. I will be moving to Atenas in December. All we are bringing is our suitcases plus 2 dogs. My question is what is the best way to send my All in one desktop computer, router, and access point. I should all include all my cables as I am not sure where to find cat 5 cables. I would also like to bring my DVD library of movies. Any Suggestions? Thanks
  2. cristo rey

    Computer: Buy or bring?

    I'll be relocating to CR in the coming months and am curious about purchasing a computer in country. Mac/Apple specifically. I'm overdue for a new machine, but don't know if it makes more sense to buy one here and bring it, or to wait and buy in San Jose. I've brought my laptop into the country before, and I'm not worried about the logistics of traveling with it, it's almost purely a question of price. I've noted that there are Mac dealers in SJ. Anyone know how the prices compare? If I can, I'd like to carry less and pick up what I need as I need it. Also, curious about small kitchen appliances, specifically a blender and/or food processor. Are there decent brands available at fair prices? I do know that for many things, (like decent kitchen knives) prices can be higher and quality lower. Wondering if that applies to these two things in particular. I don't need much but these are kind of sacred in my kitchen...
  3. Do you still use an older PC with Windows XP or Vista, and are concerned about security due to Microsoft stopping support & security updates for these older operating systems? Well, there may be an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars and hours trying to upgrade an older PC to Windows 7 or 8 (ugh). I recently came across an Linux distro based on Ubuntu called LXLE (http://lxle.net/) that I have been trying out on an older Dell laptop, and I think its one of the best alternatives to Windows I have ever tried over the years. Its aimed specifially at this exact market, and comes with just about every application you would need to subsitute for windows apps, such as Firefox & Chrome for web & email. you can download & install Skype, and it has Libre Office, a offshoot of OpenOffice, for everything you would use MS Office for. It also can handle your photos, music, and videos without having to download and install new programs. After all, what do we use our PC's for? Communication, entertainment, and some work related things (Office) such as keeping track of our household budgets. You can try a "live DVD" version of it if you want, you will need a Bitorrent client and an ISO burner to put it on a DVD, then run the program directly from the DVD. It will run a bit slower than if it was running off your hard disk, but its still very fast, and this will give you an idea of the features and ease of use of this operating system. I hope to be able to write a followup to this in a few weeks discussing installation and hard disk partioning, and other things as I continue to use it. Dana J p.s. If you post a reply to this, please take a few minutes to post how you use your current PC on a daily basis, and what programs you use mostly so I can respond to questions on those subjects. Thanks, oh, did I mention that this is FREE?
  4. Greetings, Our family of 5 is considering to take as much of our stuff on checked airplane baggage as possible on our move to Costa Rica from the US. I have an older desktop iMac and 4 old mountain bikes, an external hard drive. Plus clothes and supplies for 3 months until we make our next trip back and forth. Any suggestions for shipping 4 bikes and a computer (size about 18" x 20" x10"), hard drive? Checked baggage in hard case? Is it doable?

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