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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all Sorry to raise this topic yet one.more.time. But hubby's cedula expires in mid July, so we need to start thinking about what needs to be done to prepare. Is there a document somewhere that states what the requirements are? I'm a bit confused about all the differents threads on here, some of which really don't seem to have any bearing on our situation. We're both pensionados. From what I've been reading here, sounds like we need to make an appointment at the US Embassy and travel to San Jose to pick up a new letter proving our Social Security (as if that could have changed since we applied for residency - I don't understand this!!!). Also, I'm confused about the money exchange requirement. I've read here that it's no longer required, but also that it's only after the next renewal??? This will be our first renewal - so does that mean we have to provide the proofs for the 21 months that our original cedula was issued for (Oct 2011 to Jul 2013)? This will be our biggest obstacle, because we will need to get a letter from the bank that details all our expenditures for the first 12 months. I will have receipts for the rest. Any info would be appreciated! And, if anyone has also gone through this for the first time in the last couple of months, knowing your experience would be even more appreciated!
  2. I am about to renew my cédula (residente pensionado) and was told in the ARCR office last week that some, not all, people are being asked for a current (i.e. new) letter from the US Embassy documenting their SS income. They told me that they have been told the lack of consistency is because the "system is being changed over" (to what, everybody needing the current letter?). Has anybody had this experience? I guess it's easier to go sit in line for the letter, than to have to start all over again if I am refused renewal. I did get this letter when I got my residency two years ago. I guess it's possilbe to lose some of your SS, but not very common. I know one gent (in the US) who had an afternoon delight with a younger colleague and was tagged for 40% of his SS for the resulting child. There is also talk of a new requirement that SS must be deposited into a CR bank. I do hope this cannot be retroactively enforced.

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