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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, I just moved to San Jose on Monday and am looking to set up internet in my newly rented apartment (en Moravia, close to Club La Guaria). I am working at Lincoln School. I have heard about Japi, tigo, claro, and ICE (Kolbi). Goal is to get land based, high speed internet. No need for TV package as I will be streaming. Heard mixed reviews about Japi. Not sure if i trust the service. Please provide recommendations, experiences, and potential steps to setting up internet (residency required?). Gracia por todo, Dr. Andres Paz
  2. Hi All . . . Just curious if anyone has heard whether the Gran Hotel Costa Rica has closed up shop recently. A friend was checking on reservations online today and there was a flag on their homepage saying there were no rooms available at this time. We were on Skype together at the time and I did some Google searches to see if the hotel had closed but got no hits confirming the fact. Have any of our Forums members heard whether they have shut down, or are about to close their doors? I haven't seen anything mentioning this the CR print media either. It's hard to believe that such a well-known, historic landmark would close down without any fanfare. Maybe I missed something about this recently. Regards, Paul M. ==
  3. Buenos! I am a young professional moving to Costa Rica from Canada. I have just been offered a position in San Jose and I'm excited to get started within the next month or two. I just graduated University a couple of years ago and have been teaching yoga since then. I have been traveling my whole life, living in countries from the US to England to India, so I feel ready for this experience. I was wondering if there is a significant expat community in or around San Jose. Any particular neighbourhoods common to expats, hang outs and otherwise? I will be working with people who primarily speak Spanish (of which, I am still new to and learning) so I'd like to limit my alienation. I am enthusiastic to get immersed in the pura vida lifestyle and hope to meet other young travellers like myself. I know Costa Rica is a well known yoga and surfing hot spot so I am hoping love to spend many weekends up North in Guanacaste to explore the beaches. Any recommendations are very welcome! I would be very grateful for whatever advice you may have for a solo young traveller. I will be looking to buy a used car during my stay, for a safe place to rent, a vet for emergencies or check ups for my cat, and things to do when not at work. Please share your wisdom. Thanks
  4. Hello, Our family, which is composed of 4 persons (2 parents and two teenagers of 14 and 17, all enjoying hiking, mountain biking or any water-sporty activity), is getting increasingly enthusiast about spending 3 weeks in Costa Rica this summer (from the 7th of July to the 29th of July). We come from France but we unfortunately can’t go any further than the basics of Spanish. We are particularly concerned about finding a human dimension in this trip and want our project to correspond with the country’s environmental assets and culture. We therefore research contacts with host families or persons likely to guide us in order to discover the country's beauties. Above all, we wish to visit the the country though public bus and therefore getting any advise or informations from you would be extremely useful. As it is quite complicated a question, we have joined our program with some of the things we are most wondering about. (Indeed the number of questions in blue makes me feel quite embarassed ... ) What do you think about it, is it all realistic (we have one more night to be spent at any time of the trip, what is the best place for that according to you ?) We sincerely thank you for your help Solène, saymy-duophodes@live.fr Program 07-jul : arrival at 17 o’clock - rent the car (useful ? four wheel drived as we are going to La Fortuna, Paulo Verde and Rinjo dela Vinja ? ) – night at San Jose (any advise ?) 08-jul : trip to volcano La Fortuna (how long does it take ?) , canopy tour, observation of the volcano’s lava by night, overnight around 09-jul : around the volcano, bathing, overnight at the same place 10-jul : transfer to park Paulo Verde, night in an inn run by tropical research center in the heart of the park 11-jul : park Paulo Verde, hike, overnight at the same place 12-jul : Transfer to Rincon de la Vieja and horse riding, overnight at the same place 13-jul : Rincon dela Vieja, overnight at the same place 14-jul : transfer to San José, we bring the car back and leave most of our things somewhere so that we are light for Corcovado park (do you have an idea ?) , overnight there 15-jul : communautary bus to Puerto Jiminez or La plana (any idea of the schedule? ) , night there (any advise ?) 16-jul : communautary bus (any idea of the schedule? ) to Los Patos entrance of Corcovado park (we will also have to walk don't we ?) There, around 5-6h hike with a guide (19 km) to Sirena (how much for a guide for the day ?). Night in Sirena's dormitories 17-jul : park corcovado, overnight at the same place 18-jul : morning walk and boat ride to Drake or Sierpa (do you think it should be done the other way round ? in order to go back to San Jose then, which is the best place to land?) night there 19-jul : bus transfer to San Jose to get our things back (any idea of the schedule? ) , night there 20-jul : bus from San Jose to Pierto Viejo de Limón (any idea of the schedule? ) , overnight in the rented apartment/house 21-jul : beach, overnight in the rented apartment/house 22-jul : beach, overnight in the rented apartment/house 23-jul : beach, overnight in the rented apartment/house 24-juil : beach, overnight in the rented apartment/house 25-jul : transfer from Pierto Viejo de Limón to Moin by bus (any idea of the schedule? ) , then boat to Tortuguerro, overnight there 26-jul : Tortuguerro, overnight there 27-jul : Tortuguerro, bus to San Jose though Cariari 28-jul : GAP DAY, at which moment and place of the trip should we spend one more night ? 29-jul : departure at 15:25 PM
  5. Hello, My wife and I (she's an early-retired school Principal; I'm a writer/speaker) will be leaving Canada for Heredia/San Jose for six weeks next year (Apr. 1-May 15, 2013 and are hoping to find an apartment, condo or small house/cottage to rent for that period. If readers may know of individuals/organizations who may have such properties available, I'd be grateful to hear from you. We're looking for something ranging from the budget/economy category to mid-range. We're on somewhat of a budget and are hoping to find a safe, clean and quiet spot in a pleasing area or neighborhood. Thanks again for your help on this forum; I do appreciate it. Bob

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