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Found 1 result

  1. There has been some recent studies that show that there is a link between waist measurement, hypertension and diabetes. The larger your waist 40 inches or over for men the more likely you are to have hypertension and pre-diabetes if not diabetes. From a health professionals, Ed's observation this is not hard to believe. I fit this picture with waist measurement, hypertension and pre-diabetes. My thoughts about this personally is that the medical issues that I have may be related to being treated with medications initially for my hypertension. I was diagnosed with hypertension about 15 years ago. I had my annual visit to my doctor readings in the office were elevated per the nurse and the doctor confirmed the reading and I was started on medications. If you have ever taken medications for your blood pressure they make you feel really bad. A week prior to all this I was running, lifting weights. tournament bass fishing and continued to work on an inpatient psychiatric unit. Two weeks later back at the doctor as I recall., blood pressure responding to medications. Medications changed due to side effects or told to give the medication some time to adjust. This happened over years it seemed. I have not ran 5 miles since being treated, just last year returned to tournament fishing and at this point am 260 or so pounds. I am not sure that I had hypertension at that point. I do know that I weigh 90 more pounds than when I started, I am pre-diadetic by definition, having a fasting glucose greater than 120 on occasion and I have elevated cholesterol. I have a new doctor at this point the old doctor retired. With a goal of getting back to less than 200 pounds and being active. i am not trying to run 5 miles just be reasonably active. I also have had pain in all of my joints from the waist down. I assumed this was aging, shoes, extra walking at work, standing on the front of my boat. All sort of things. I am not a complainer and never mentioned it to the new doctor. Just take Tylenol and go to sleep. I forgot to have my cholesterol medication refilled. Out for 4 days and my joints stopped hurting. I related this to my new shoes. Got my refill and my joints started back to hurting. I will see my doctor in a few weeks. I have stopped the cholesterol medications upped my fish oil, flax seed and oatmeal intake and will have my labs checked prior to my doctor visit to see where I am with my Cholesterol. I guess the point of all this is that in a rush to fix my blood pressure I some how got to have obesity and a host of other issues. Did I actually ever have hypertension I will never know. Was it situational related to stress at home and work. We have three daughters there were certain times of the month that things could be real stress full for the lone male in the house. If you do anything with this write down any concerns you have regardless of how small and share these with your doctor. Two years of having pain in my joints, and fifteen years of obesity have cost. My blood pressure is well controlled and my medication is being decreased by a cardiologist that I work with. Saw the cardiologist because I was invited to go to Europe with some younger friends and wanted to know if he recommended the deluxe medical evacuation insurance for me. I passed the stress test, did have a concerning EKG after 2 weeks in Costa Rica that resolved when the good coffee ran out. Ed
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