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Found 8 results

  1. Based on all the advice we have received from this Forum (most appreciated), we have decided to get Health Insurance from MediSmart. Is there anyone else who has done so, and had the Contract and User Manual translated to English? If so, would you be willing to share, even for a cost?
  2. I am wondering about how it works with Obamacare vs CAJA. Once we get our CAJA and make a monthly payment to them, do we cancel our Obamacare immediately or are we allowed to have both if we want? Currently we get Obamacare free so if I can continue to do so I'll definitely do it! So are we required to give up Obamacare because we don't live in the USA any more or can we keep it AND CAJA? I am guessing we have to cancel Obamacare, no? Due to not being a U.S. resident any more?
  3. We are looking at purchasing the Gold Plus plan through IMG so we have private health insurance when we move to the Playas Del Coco area in early March of this year. I was wondering if anyone else out there in ARCR land has an feed back on this company and it's plans, submitting claims etc? We welcome any information on health insurance that you all would think to be beneficial to us. Thanks
  4. If a person is living in Costa Rica and is under the age of 65 do they also have to obtain government approved health insurance, under the affordable care act, in the US or will they have to pay a fine (opps Tax ) if they don't?
  5. I couldn’t get webpages on HealthCare.gov to respond during the day yesterday (10/1) but when I woke up at 3 am, I tried and was able to get access. I talked to a representative on “Live Chat” to ask questions about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects expats. Here is what I was told: US Citizens that do not reside in the USA (expats) are not required to purchase health coverage in the USA and will not be fined for being uninsured. One must reside in the USA in order to apply for health coverage through the “Health Insurance Marketplace”. This is where one can research the state healthcare exchanges and where tax credit subsidies for healthcare premiums can be obtained for healthcare policies. Thus it appears that expats are not eligible for the subsidies. I was told that the only option for expats is to apply for US health insurance through private insurance companies. US based policies will be required to cover pre-existing conditions without excess charges. (Nevertheless, my guess that is that the premiums will be quite high.) Another option is to purchase an International Healthcare policy that could include coverage in the USA - but I was told by an international insurer that they are not required to cover pre-existing conditions per the ACA. (The HealthCare.org rep could not verify that.) I was hoping that the ACA would allow me to purchase healthcare coverage that covers pre-existing conditions at a reasonable rate, but this does not appear to be the case.
  6. Howdy, My wife and I will be moving to Costa Rica next Wednesday. One thing I have left for the last minute is health insurance. Since she is a native, and still qualifies under her mother's health care plan, she is not in need of insurance. I am a US citizen, and when I quit my job tomorrow, I will be without health insurance. She says that I can still be treated by Caja, but I will have to pay. Is there a quick guide or "sticky" that I have missed when it comes to international health insurance? Are there options that are cheaper if I will just be in Central America? We will be living very modestly down by Dominical, and I don't plan on going to San Jose for anything besides residency paperwork, so if international health insurance only covers hospitals in San Jose, I don't believe it is worth my time. I am really only looking for major medical I guess. Anyway, any suggestions on which providers to go with? Thanks, Steven P.S. I am only 24 years old, and I am "healthy as a horse" as the nurse told me at my last check up.
  7. I have friends that recently had their daughter move back to the US to finish high school. When they attempted to buy her a health insurance policy, they were turned down by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They answered all questions honestly, too honestly I guess. Here's the scenario: The family moved to Costa RIca four years ago with their three kids. When they left the US, they let their health insurance go but did not purchase INS insurance here. So - uninsured for four years in a tropical country. Blue Cross is denying a policy because they lived in a foreign country and because she has been uninsured. NOT because of any health issues. Questions are: Has anyone encountered this situation when moving back to the US? And, does the "health insurers database" keep track of insurance denials? Because if they apply with another company, and don't mention the foreign country, they might be able to get a policy. Maybe. THis is important because they have another child that will be going back to the US for the senior year of high school, and possibly the parents move back as well. It would be pretty disastrous to be unable to buy health insurance. Thanks for any advice, education, etc.!!!
  8. We are one year away from making the move to our property in Costa Rica and have some questions around some logistics and health insurance. Here is our circumstances: We have a guest house built on our property next to where the main house will be built. We plan on living in that while the main house is under construction, Questions on shipping and storage: -We are thinking to have our household good's shipped via container thru Charles, (up near Tampa) -We would want some items that would be needed in the guest house right away. Smaller container (ideas?) -Recommend shipping the container right away to CR or keep in storage in Florida until we are almost ready for it? Concern about mold, heat, etc. Hope to be less than a year on construction. -When would you recommend the larger container for the main house be delivered to the site. -Anything not to keep in the container. -Any additional thoughts or experiences appreciated. Health Insurance. My company will provide me with a monthly dollar amount for use (apx $900) in health insurance. I will have to check it they have any rules on how to use. We are mid 50's and no prior health issues. -What should we consider and from whom? We do not have residency yet. Thanks for any info

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