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Found 6 results

  1. My husband and I arrive in CR the end of June and need a rental property beginning July 1, 2016 for a few months. We would like to be in the Central Valley area, in one of the towns in the mountain areas, like Grecia. We will not have a car in the beginning, so it needs to be in town, or walkable (less than 2 klms.) We only need one bedroom, one bath minimum, furnished, and HOT water!! Our budget would be $800. US dollars a month maximum. Any shared knowledge of properties available, real estate agents, etc. would be greatly appreciate. We had thought we would treat ourselves to the month of July in Puerto Viejo, however just heard from the landlord of the house we put a deposit down on that there is NO water there, and none expected to be released by the city. So, we are back to looking. Our original plan was to rent in the Central Valley area. Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. La Casa de Miguel is a recent addition to the culinary scene in Grecia. It's downtown location was formerly the home of La Galeria, an upscale restaurant popular with Ticos and expats alike. After a number of visits to Casa de Miguel it has become one of our favorites. When La Galeria moved to Escazu a few months ago, instead of renting it out again the building's owner (Miguel) and his son Alejandro endeavored to reincarnate the early Galeria success as an affordable, upper-scale restaurant. They offer a mix of local and expat-familiar dishes including steaks, seafood, chicken, hamburgers with prices topping out at about $14 for a Ribeye steak dinner. I've attached a PDF containing menu page images instead of listing them here. The real question is "how was it and how does it compare?" First off, it is not the high level that La Galeria ultimately reached, but rather the friendly, affordable experience we remember from their earlier years. We're happy with their attitude and intent to maintain a suitable level of quality and price. Our experiences, and those of our friends, let us make the following personal observations/opinions: Customer service is a normal level of attentive rather than hovering, so you may have to catch your server's eye. They're pleasant servers and at least one (Jairo) speaks English. Appetizers are pretty normal, with most falling in the $4-$7 range. We usually select the onion or calamari rings. Salads are Caesar or Mixed with variations (choice of meat). My wife particularly enjoys the Caesar with chicken ($6). Steaks (Ribeye, Churrasco, New York, and traditional Lomito) we usually have Ribeye which have pretty much always been excellent. It comes with potato or rice, vegetables, and salad. My wife and I usually split the larger ($14 for 300g) and just buy a couple extra sides. With a glass of wine each that's about $25-30. Opinion: the BBQ ribs were too sweet for our taste. Hamburgers are gringo-style (good quality patty and no lunchmeat) and popular with us and our friends. I recommend the "house" fries, lightly battered. Occasionally a patty is smaller or thinner, but most are generous. Good for a $7.50 burger. Chicken Cordon Bleu was excellent both times as were the Fish Filet plates. Casado with Pescado (fish) is one of our friend's favorites, (although he loves almost everyone's casado...) We have not tried it yet. My wife does wonderful pasta at home so we can't report on Casa's pastas. So those were all personal observations Whenever we've been there (in the few months they've been open) there were several tables of Ticos and a table or two of expats. Check the attached menu, and If you try La Casa de Miguel I hope you'll enjoy it as we have. Casa de MiguelX.pdf
  3. I was subjected to a new (for me) street scam today in Grecia. It's the first I've seen here. I've had some stuff attempted in SJO but Grecia has been quite/ My wife and I parked in front of our farmacia, Central Farmacia, this afternoon. I was in the drivers seat and had my window down. A guy approaches me and offers to replace the rubber sealant (?) around my door and the door behind me. We don't have a newer car so I in fact needed those replaced. The door was rattling really bad so I thought how timely and convenient this was. So we talked price and he said 5 mill for both doors and i agreed. My wife stays in the car while I go inside to pick up a few things. She speaks some Spanish, but very limited. So I go in, it takes forever as usual, then I return to see they had replaced all 4 of my door sealer! Then up walks another guy who appears to be the enforcer of the 2. I asked the first guy what's up? and he rattled off I needed it and I get "family" price blah blah blah so it was worth it. I remained polite but said there was no way that I will pay for that work and I knew they were working a el truco. Then the enforcer comes up and shows me a measuring tape, measures my door and gives me a price per door based on meters and the total I owed was c115,000 lol... that's $230 just to be clear. He was very serious and said I had to pay. I was somewhat amused this was happening but I yelled at them that I wasn't stupid and to get lost. They tried to act like I was cheating them...lol so I asked them to remove the rubber. They couldn't do that!!! So I threw the original guy the original 5 mill said a few profane words that would make Paul blush and drove off. It's a good thing "Legs" Murray wasn't the target. He would have curb stomped them on the spot haha. Anyway...beware of this. I'm pretty sure these guys weren't from Grecia. Maybe they are headed to your town, beware!
  4. Hey all, I need to do riteve by the end of the month and I was wondering if it is something that a gringo with basically no spanish skills can do. Is it a process that would require me to be in the car while they bark out commands: left blinker, right blinker, hit the brakes etc... Or is it something that I sit in a waiting room while they do everything on their own. If the latter I will take it in myself. Also, does anyone know of a good mechanic in the Grecia area? My car is newer with new tires, brakes and it is in very good shape but I would like to have a reputable mechanic give it a look over before I take it in for inspection. Thanks
  5. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Hello everybody! I m looking to meet dog lovers both near us ( in the Sarchi area), AND all over Costa Rica who might be interested in forming a little pet care co-operative of sorts! We could all have allot of fun, allow each other to travel while keeping each other’s dear mascotas safe and happy. Pet care could be on an exchange basis only, or on a fee basis, or any combination. We have two medium sized dogs, who are older and used to lots of company. We want to travel regularly for short periods (from two nights to two weeks max) to a variety of places in CR and also Panama. Anybody interested in a house/dog/pet exchange? I would be happy to take great care of your dogs and house while you travel, or to take a dog or two into our home while you travel. We have lots of experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, as well as many other types of animals. Pet pig? Llamas? Horses? Birds? Looking forward to your help brainstorming this!
  6. Can anyone recommend a good dry cleaner in Grecia? If you don't know the phone number, instructions on the location would be great.

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