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Found 1 result

  1. The ARCR "discounts list" shows a 20% discount at Alamo Rent-a-Car; but I have not been able to obtain this discount from Alamo. I called the phone number listed on the discounts page for Liberia but they did not know about ARCR discounts. I called another phone number for Alamo at Liberia airport but they could not assist me with the discount - nor could a person at an 800 number in the US. The rates each of these quoted to for my rental were also much higher than on their websites. I tried online - the alamocostarica.com web page did not reccognize "ARCR" as a valid discount code. The alamo.com page did recognize ARCR when entered as a "Rate/Product Code" - but the disccount provided was only 5% vs 20%. Does ARCR really have a 20% discount with Alamo Rental-a-Car??