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  1. I am trying to contact ARCR member Mr. James William Freeman. Can anyone help? I don't see a listing for the forums. I have his CAJA Orden Patronal for Jan 2015, which was mailed in error to me by ARCR shortly before their office closed for the year-end holiday. Of course, it arrived after I could make contact with them to sort out the error. I am asking in the hope that he has mine and that we can meet to swap. My name is Walter Freeman @ 22660122 Edit: From past experience, I know that ARCR cannot reissue a lost or missent Orden Patronal. Unless they are holding mine for pickup at the ARCR office (which would also be another error and one that has also happened), I will have to physically go to the main CAJA office in downtown San Jose for them to issue a duplicate. And that is a trip that I'd very much like to avoid. This time of year is one which is rife with errors. Pura Vida.