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Found 2 results

  1. I hope that this is the appropriate thread to post this because I see that all of the comments here are 3 or 4 years old. I atttended the February retirement seminar and heard that ARCR is once again able to offer a group rate for CAJA medical insurance . The figure quoted for the monthly premium was, I believe, $84. I wanted to confirm that this was in fact true but also had a question regarding who qualifies. I am now leaning toward applying for residency under the rentista program even though I will be (at age 62) eligible to start drawing Social Security benefits as soon as I arrive in CR. My reasoning is that I would come out ahead by delaying the benefit for at least 2 years and instead live off savings which would increase my monthly SS benefit significantly. But does the ARCR group CAJA discount apply to both pensionados and rentistas and is the group rate the same regardless of which residency path one uses to apply? If the ARCR group CAJA discount is not available to rentistas or is a much higher figure that would obviously affect the arithmetic involved in my rentista or pensionado decision. Thanks.
  2. To all ARCR Members who received the email today about the expected CAJA fee increase: This was Info intended only for those ARCR members who received it and is not for public consumption at this time, please. If you wish to discuss that you may use the PM function of the Forums or private emails, off-list. If you have any QQs please email or PM me or contact ARCR directly. Thank You, Paul M. Moderator

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