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Found 2 results

  1. We renewed our passports the other day and thought I would share the process in case any one is approaching their own dead line. First go to the US Embassy web-site and down load a renewal form. You need to also set an appointment at this time.There is very little to the form but it is a must have for each passport. With it , a copy of your appointment, old passport, and $121.00 per passport you go to San Jose. From San Ramon there is a little shorter way to get to the Embassy than the way I go, but it is hard to miss the land marks my way. I take Hy1 toward San Jose until I see the Hilton Crown Plaza on my right. I turn right, then left at the big Football Stadium. The second street on your right is 104. There is no sign but there is a tall apartment building on the corner. Stay on 104 in the right lane until you see the Embassy.(it is a good ways to the Embassy but it is to large to miss) Turn right at the light before the Embassy and there is parking on your right. There will be a long line outside, do not stand in the line. Walk up to the guard at the door and show him your appointment, he will have you stand to side of the entrance. In two weeks or less you will get an e-mail saying you can pick up your new passport. Believe it or not this will take longer to do than when you applied for it. They do not call pick ups until everybody else has been served. Plan on 11:00 am. That's all it is to it. Good luck Ed & Janie
  2. Hola Gentle Forumsers, I've started this thread here since parts of the discussion may not be completely on-topic to CR. I found I needed to renew my US Passport before I returned to CR this time round since CR requires a minimum of 6 months of remaining validity on one's US Passport for CR Immigration to allow you into the country, and I do not believe that having current valid residency status overrides this requirement. So... I sent my old passport off (as required) with my renewal application and with the required fee plus the 'hurry-up surcharge' becasue I was expecting to leave at the end of April. My new passport arrived yesterday (MON) 4/21 after having been mailed of to the US Dept of State - Passport Division on 4/12. So it took only two weeks for them to do the expedited renewal and send it bakc to me; thst's a pretty quick turnaround. Now here's my concern (and FYI I will phone the Division tom'w)... This is my fourth pasppsort and each time previously when I received my new passoport the old one came back with the renewed one. Not this time. So I'm hoping that it is headed back to me under separate cover. (Fingers X-ed!) But if it doesn't, I can see a couple potential problems arising in CR with of my businesses or accounts that may eventually want me to renovar mis datos, most likely my banks there. So I guess my question resolves to: Has anyone here on the Forums had to renovar sus datos at your bank, etc., after renewing your passport, but without your old passport available to present as verification, for any reason? Did you have any difficulty in doing so and/or how was the problem resolved with only your new passport to present. Well I am hoping that the Passport Division will have my old passport or that they have already sent it back to me but it just hasn't arrived yet. If it doesn't show up or they have destroyed it I do have photocopies of my old passport and am hoping that those might serve given the possibility that I may not get my old passport back. I'll report back what I learned after calling the Passport Division tom'w. ¡Puros Pasaportse! Paul M. ==
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