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  1. The interesting thing about all this discussion is that no one in the US seems to use history as a guideline in this discussion. There is nothing under the sum that is new.


    The timeline between Rome and the US is very similar. Rome has to give the people enterainment in the Forum Free as well as food to keep them happy. get the picture!!


    that is what we call entitlements and this is killing the US in terms of excessive debt. Same with Rome as well as their decrease in infrastructure decline (same as our problem) which


    decreases national income. In simple language.....If I have 4 apples and I owe 7 apples to a 3rd party I do not give free apples to someone in another country.


    David Davis

  2. The amount of debt that Obama has incurred is greater than that of FDR. I'm very aware of the financial crisis (and the causes of it ... look into what really went on with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). The dollar is losing value rapidly and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future and will only slow down by reducing the speed of the debt increase (Congress just increased the debt limit to $14T). Remember the days when the yen was 360 to the dollar? It's in the low 90s now. When the Canadian dollar was $1.30 to the dollar? It's $1.05 now. To ignore, or deny the dramatic and continuing fall of the dollar is to bury your head in the sand. Sure hope you aren't counting on social security as a primary source of income.








    The federal deficit today for the Month of Feb, 2010 is 225 Billion dollars for one month only and interest payments are doubled.......My God!!!

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