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  1. I am look for a list of companies who install sat dishes and Direct TV service stuff. The las one I used is very good but prices are now sky high
  2. Where can I find a electric fireplace unit other than EPPA which is junk
  3. David Davis

    ishipping boxes

    I am shippping boxes of items I am purchasing for our new home, from U.S. to CR. What is the best way do so. Boxes will weigh anywhere from 10 lbs to 45 lbs
  4. David Davis

    Satelite TV

    Thank you David and how is the dance studio going
  5. I am interested in putting a large dish sat for TV at my home in Atenas. any suggestions and info on a reliable company in Costa Rica and any pros and cons on Sat TV with direct progrmas
  6. David Davis


    Does anyone know Where I can purchase medical insurance other than CAJA ie private insurance for 70 years or older. Is there any insurance available for theft to household contents. My INS agent say homeowners policy does not cover any persional items stolen from home
  7. David Davis

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    Interestiing We moved in May and brought our 2 pets on continental and used a broker who cost is $150.00 and the service was excellent and took us about 15 minutes to get our of the airport and customs was expideted due to the pets broker.
  8. Let give you some advice. it is all in how you approach the residency issue. I am a retired atty in the U.S. We moved to Costa Rica and I obtained an attorney that knows what she is doing and thru my contacts obtained an attorney that is straight up and is biingual as well.My wife and I now have our residency number in 58 days which is unbelievable and I did my own legal work on the residency before I arrived and it went as smooth as possible with the atty I chose. Now we do not have to leave every 90 days and saved a lot of money and time not trying to lowball the process. David Davis
  9. David Davis

    Large Pharmacy

    Thank you vert much
  10. David Davis

    Large Pharmacy

    I am looking for a large Pharmacy near CIMA for my blood pressure meds. My doctor said there was a large Pharacy near CIMA but I cannot remember the name and where it is Does anyone have an idea where they carry a large selections of meds Dave Davis
  11. David Davis

    Auto Accident

    What is the procedure if you are in an auto accident and who do you call? Is Lo Jack worth it in Costa Rica
  12. Can someone tell me where to go in San Jose to get fingerprints and location of office
  13. David Davis

    Casa Canada

    Thank you I did not know they were connected
  14. David Davis

    Casa Canada

    Could someone please tell me who casa Granada is and are they reliable and trustworthy. they look impressive

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