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  1. I am new to the forum, it is one of the best information about CR. We are looking for property to buy in Cr and reading everything CR related. We are not new to live in a foreign country, owned property in different countries and went through some nice things and more bad things and learned a lot down that road. Currently we live in the USA (not US citizens) and love the country and people. In my opinion, the USA has some of the easiest ways to get around. We have lived for a couple of years in Turkey and owned property as well. Of course, they have different laws, either you live with it or just leave, and some of the laws does not make any sence. And I read in this forum CR is no difference. We are very well aware of it. We are searching the internet for properties, talked at least to 5 different "real estate" agents (I think there is no such profession in CR - no offense), most of them where incompetent, and we have seen the same property listet at different prices at some different webs. Every time I talked about the economy crisis in the USA and also in Europe and Canada, most of these "agents" answered, NOT in CR, people come with cash and buying houses! But I know one thing, a lot of people are buying a vacation home with HELOC, but in most cases, at least here in the US, there is NO more equity in there houses, and banks are not giving any credit to finance a home in a foreign country. And I was running into sellers, they are in no hurry to sell, will sit it out. Wake up, it can take a long time. And there is another phenomen, Americans starting to save instead running up another credit tap. A friend of mine was going to buy property in CR, but decided to buy a house in SW Florida (stress sale) for a good price - he would get for that amount a 1 bedroom condo in CR. We come in Jan. for 4 weeks to CR the second time, to look seriously for a nice place in Central Valley. But my feeling is, a lot of sellers are not willing to negotiate on there property, and we are no bargain hunters. We compare somehow prices paid for houses here in the US with those in CR. We live in Arkansas and I see houses in CR priced like a nice lakehome here in my neighborhood - and that is a big premium for paradise. And there is a big issue with taking your used household goods into CR. I talked with several people, who moved to CR and shipped the used household goods and paid hefty duty on it. And that actually is a big issue for us, after collecting some nice stuff over the years. We never had any problem moving our stuff from one country to another, and coming to the US, not a penny for anything. This is definetly not a welcome sign for someone moving to a new country like CR.
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