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  1. Good point..particularly if the market is pretty flat.
  2. Thanks Jimmy, Interesting....I wonder what the actual influx of new residents is then? It sounds like moving to CR is a hotter topic now with fallout in the North American economy. Is tourism generally down as well then?
  3. I am new to the forum and am interested in feedback from people who have had experience with Ventana del Pacifico developers in or near Ojochal. I will be visiting Costa Rica in January. I have seen a few older posts but nothing recent. I'm sure opinions will vary considerably and it looks like there are a number of developers in that area. I know some people only tend to post when they have an axe to grind so I'm hoping to get a balanced/objective view. I have been told that growth is imminent with the new International Airport slated to open in 2010 along with a hospital and a marina in Golfito? Is there a sense that real estate is picking up there? Thanks, Brenda
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