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  1. I also have a question related to this topic. I have a domestic that comes a couple of hours 5 days a week just to do the floors and laundry for my husband and I. I do the cooking. Does that 1,000 colones apply to my situation as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. mimig


    Thanks Patricia, I appreciate the explanation and the link. Due to having relatives here in Puntarenas and the possibility of a business, we will probably buy and settle here. My personal opinion of Puntarenas is that it is on the brink of developement (or re-developement if you like). We are here unntil the beginning of May, then return to Calgary. That is when we will gather all necessary documents to bring back with us in a few months time to start our "pensionado" paperwork. We hope to come into San Jose soon, meet with some people, and make sure we have all the info we will need and then some. Do we need to make an appointment, or just walk in? Thanks again for all the help Mimi
  3. mimig


    Costaricafinca - Please define desireable destination. Just curious. Thanks for the link to Canadian Club, I will certainly look into it.
  4. Call me at 2639 6471 Live just south of Mirmar Other Americans live here - on a Pearl Harbor survivor

  5. Hi = I just figured out how to send an email. I haven't used this forum extensively. We'd love to make contact - hopefully you are not too far from Puntarenas.


  6. mimig


    Thanks for the reply. Love to give you a call. Our number is 2663-4406. Send me yours Mimi & Sark Gulvartian
  7. Just arrived in Puntarenas three weeks ago. This is a test drive for us. Is there anyone living here in Puntarenas or nearby? We have the use of friends condo, and are staying till May 4th. Wouldn't mind meeting up with some of you. We are a block from the hospital. I lived in Arizona for a couple of years, but this heat is something else. Not used to the humidity. So far we are loving it, but boy do we need to learn Spanish FAST. Didn't expect food to be so expensive. For those of you who remember my earlier posts, I sure am glad we didn't drive from Calgary. Mimi
  8. We are flying in to CR on Feb 9, and wish to know if there is medical insurance available for tourists to purchase while we are visiting for 3 months. Does anyone know? Thanks Mimi
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  10. We (my husband and I) are planning to drive through Mexico to the town of Puntarenas CR. I would like to hear from anyone who has done the drive to CR as to how safe it is, and is there anything we should know in advance. Thank you. Mimi
  11. mimig

    Shipping car to CR?

    Thanks everyone for your tips. We have decided NOT to drive down or ship our Element, but will either rent or buy a cheapo. Good tips on other Expats leaving to go back, and also the Garmin. I currently have a Magellan Maestro, but it doesn't load maps from there. I'll look into getting a Garmin. We do plan on checking out most of CR, so wheels would be important.
  12. Hi all, this is my first post. My husband and I are coming to CS from Calgary around the first of February for a visit to see if we like it well enough to retire there. We are fortunate enough to be loaned a condo to stay in for 3-4 months in Puntarenas. My husband wants to drive around and investigate most of the country to see which part (if any) suits us. At first he said we would drive down, (he wants our Element with us) but after checking the map, and considering the safety of ourselves and our SUV, he thinks we should ship it from Vancouver. Any ideas on where to get shipping prices? Has anyone actually driven to CR from Canada, and are we correct in thinking that would be a monumentus undertaking? Thanks for your tips.
  13. mimig

    Renting In Costa Rica

    Thanks Eleanorcr, that was helpful, as I too am coming to CR, and this type of info is very useful.

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