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  1. Mike B

    Yet another CAJA question!

    Will this affect application for Pensionado residency? Although the post above me implies there is no issue.
  2. Been to Nosara and Tamarindo this trip going to try Puerto Jimenez. Anyone been there and did you enjoy? Would like as much info as I can get. Thanks
  3. Mike B

    Drive from Quepos to PJ

    No, mid Jan.
  4. Mike B

    Drive from Quepos to PJ

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Why don't people use ARCR when applying for residency ? Maybe I don't understand the posts , but I thought ARCR handled the paper work after you got your birth cert. ect. from US.
  6. How is the road from Quepos to Puerto Jimenez ?
  7. Can someone tell me if the 122 days in country to maintain pensionado status can be an accumulation of days, or must you remain in country 122 days ? Thanks Mike B
  8. Mike B

    Learning Spantsh

    Thanks you guys. Laura, I'm using win 7 64bit. BTW, I;m just down the street from you in Phoenix. Do you know were your going to live yet ? I,m leaving on my first trip in Sept.
  9. Mike B

    Learning Spantsh

    Any one use Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish? Feedback please.

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