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  1. All you have to do is google Coldwell Banker Costa Rica or Remax CR or Century 21 CR and you can see all of the legitimate offices that they all have. There sure seem to be a lot of offices to be only selling to expats and not Ticos. I wouldn't dismiss their legitimacy out of hand.
  2. You know sometimes I think countries like CR and Mexico only enact some laws to appease their big brother the United States. The reason the tico's and most gringo's don't follow them is because they realize this. Even if the Latin Americans don't agree they still bend to the will of the yankee.
  3. But Shea all of these agents work for store front, reputable, real estate firms that are part of the communities they do business in. I am sure that the majority of people that come to CR and walk into these offices inquiring about real estate are only interested in great service. Most have no clue about cedula's and residency issues and could care less. Less rules means more freedom.
  4. I have dealt with many CR real estate agents that work with Coldwell Banker, Century 21 or Remax. Most have been young men or women from Canada or the United States and many were not legal residents. They all dealt with professional architects, builders, lawyers etc and they were all extremely professional.
  5. Isn't it great to be living in Latin American countries. Yes, they enact laws and pretend that they have rules, but the reality is that nobody enforces these laws or rules. These are the truly free democracies where people are bound by their own morals in how they conduct their lives.
  6. Just went on trusted house sitters and there is a fabulous job in Ojochal. A brand new house with ocean view, wifi, sattelite tv.
  7. You must have references with addresses and phone numbers. Most of the listings are not just house sitting but pet sitting. So if you are good with dogs, cats and animals in general that is a plus. We are previous home owners, business owners, raised a family of three boys and still in our early fifties, so still fit and healthy. References from previous neighbors are very helpful as they can vouch for your character.
  8. We are currently using trusted house sitters. We are currently sitting houses in Mexico in the Lake Chapala area. We are in a luxurious lakeview home with all amenities and sattelite tv for three months. Some of the jobs also pay 15-20 dollars a day. Our next gig is in NZ.
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