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  1. I'm with SEATURTLWOMAN. I have briefed the site from time to time, but never engaged with the forum....ARCR is the best!
  2. Welcome, Rockfarm! There is an amazing about of information and experts within this forum.....having the attitude about looking forward to learning, challenges and opportunities is the correct one! Again, welcome!
  3. As we move closer to the 17,000 total members mark, a quick and best wish for the new year! We have enjoyed this forum and feel it is simply one of the best candid and overall views of Costa Rica you can find. We look forward to another educational year....cheers to all and best for 2017!
  4. To all our forum 'virtual' friends! This has been a wonderful and educational forum that we have enjoyed now over 6 years. Thanks to everyone out there and may 2017 be the best year ever!!
  5. Yes, for sure. An established firm in Domi that sold to us over 6 years ago and now is a great friend. PM me and I will be happy to make an introduction....
  6. Income Property?

    The answer is YES, you can buy property in Costa Rica and receive some passive income from the rent. Some points to consider; 1) It will be so difficult to get a mortgage in the country, I would strongly suggest you pay with cash. Maybe that is what you meant buy stating you were coming into money before the majority of replies we not helpful, my opinion 2) While it is pretty straight forward to purchase property, do not try and do it without serious due diligence - an attorney, a trusted real estate person, a general if not good understanding about the area. You should also consult your CPA because you need to file anything greater than USD$10K money movement outside the US. Not sure where you are, but as a US citizen, this is not a big deal, you just do not want to avoid it; 3) This forum provides a ton of great education - look back on some posts and try and be specific on your requested questions. Purchasing in Costa Rica is an excellent option, but it is not the majority of the fine folks on this forum. Take your time and enjoy the experience!
  7. I have an excellent attorney we used nearly 6 years ago (purchase), but he is located in San Isidro, close to us (45 mins) so I did not recommend. If you want to reach out to him, IM me. We are now friends and he does everything for us....
  8. So, while eleanorcr is correct that many of the posts/replies wonder off the topic - I will do the same here very quickly. The reply "there is no good reason to buy" while perhaps the majority view, is rubbish to some, me included. There are many wonderful reasons to buy. Water is a consideration in Tamarindo but it is a lovely place! We bought, 6 years ago and love it....and so do many others! Enjoy your journey....
  9. I agree. Maybe you have some years before your passport expires and you can continue to consider. There may be some of us that are watching once-in-a-lifetime events unfold in the US right now, but I', not sure that outweighs denouncing....my opinion.
  10. Eleanorcr - I'm curious why you would give up your passport? Then you ask if you could get a Visa to go back to the US. You are an icon posting on this site and give very good council. I am hopeful you have thought out why you want to do this....especially if you may consider visiting in the future. I am sure you are well-read on the ramifications of such an action....and understand "and looking into giving up my US passport"....which may not mean you have made such a decision....
  11. Greetings friends. We are purchasing a new quad outside of CR and was curious if there was any "official" light kit? I think what I will have put on will work but wanted to check and see if anyone has a web site or information. Thanks!
  12. A 'win' for sea turtles and an overall tragic case is over. Hopefully this will send a strong message for nature conservation in Costa Rica moving forward.
  13. Architect fees

    "Fair" needs to be determined by you, the owner. There are certain fees you do not have to pay due to the size of your casa.....I am making a small assumption here based on a $50K budget. However, outside of a 'fair' fee will this Company or individual need to get permits? Title insurance? Are there any special considerations that need to be evaluated on your land? Will you split out labor vs materials and if so, there are considerations you need to protect yourself. I don't mean to put this back on you, but there are several things to consider what your builder/architect will do for you that is part of what is "fair" - also including will you be at the site during the build to observe/manage/help? We negotiated a fixed fee, took our time, changed some things which we felt was 'out-of-scope' and paid a bit more and we are still not quite there, but are very happy with the progress. Hope this opinion helps....
  14. New member Nuevo Arenal

    Welcome to the forums....love the area you are in now
  15. Hello!

    Welcome HPPH, you have joined a great group of folks who are passionate about topics concerning CR!
  16. December 1, 1948 marks the date - congratulations to Costa Rica!
  17. The differences are tremendous! I travel extensively and it is great to visit our place in CR - where there is like no police force compared to (most) other places on earth. Based on ones perception, but it is a wonderful, peaceful, full of wonderful animals, beaches, eateries and people! Again, bravo CR!
  18. When it is 100% - toward the end of this year; 1) Creates thousands of new jobs, 2) Better roads and infrastructure, 3) Proud symbol of growth for Costa Rica - all good!!
  19. Good, lively debate! Our place is in Uvita and I travel the world perhaps more than anyone on this forum. So yes, I love Uvita - quite, tons of water, great beaches, wild life everywhere with fewer people and just the right amount of eateries and activities. But, 20 minute flight from Quepos and I can spend the day in the new mall or the Multi-Plaza and appreciate that this wonderful country has the extremes! Pure Vida and early happy holidays to all....
  20. Robalo fairly frequently available in Uvita - great fish! Snook or in CR called Robalo
  21. I have paid mine in advance in prior years before getting a bank account. I knew (still do) the folks at AyA and the amount of money was not significant....we paid 6 months ahead. Worked fine, maybe that is a consideration for you....
  22. We did something very similar, very successful. We wired from Chase in the US to our escrow company in CR. We did this twice - deposit, then balance. The attorney, who is excellent and has become a friend, closed for both parties - buyers and sellers. IM me if you need specifics, but 5 years later we could not be happier with the experience. We now have a bank account and do not use the escrow company much anymore.
  23. Greetings forums members. We just purchased a new 3 seat quad and I was curious if anyone knows if you must specifically get a "Costa Rica" approved road package or if getting one in the US will work. Seems to have the same things we have had in past, only newer and bit more punch to them - it is a street legal kit put on by the Yamaha dealer......thanks!
  24. Not sure if everyone saw the news clip that our "island" (it does seem like an island at times on the coast) make that country had has an abundance of rain for the turbines and hence that has produce nearly all of the energy for CR for the last 75 days. How cool in the ongoing goal of carbon neutrality over the next few years!