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  1. Hi all of you, Since some months i enjoy to reed this forum, think i´m nearly through now and got some good advices by all of your postings!!! Now i got couraged specially by Paul, thought there is really one member at this forum coming from AUSTRIA for some specific questions, but some minuits later i was back on earth!!! Hi to acanthopis, would be nice to hear from you!!!(i know the staterules are a little different, but i think language is the same, except the accent Please Paul, if you have got this copy or other special informations about immigration from Austria to CR or if anyone at this forum comes really from my homecountry and knows some advices for me i would much appreciate!!! Thanks for all nice answers!!! Sure i will contact ARCR for start this paperwork for me. Does anyone know, how this required policereport is exactly called in german??? Don´t want to get a wrong one. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi all together, I have the same question, i kept my marriage name in passport. Has anyone, find out allready, if we need marriagepaper and deathletter, or only deathletter, or neither nor, for rentista status. At this point now i have to say thanks to all members at this forum,for all of your good advices, it´s a great help to find out something and to see different sights helps to open the eyes. The rest is to learn by life. Pura vida
  3. Hy Annelise,

    Saw now your comments and like them very much, thanks for your nice informations, think we have something common, would enjoy to hear more from You. I´m fotografer and sure i will bring some pencils,...when i come to CR in some months! Have a nice time,Andrea

  4. Thanks!!! That´s good to hear, sure i will contact them for this. Nice evening
  5. Hi Paul, So this means as permanent resident the renewal is about all 5 years. One more ask, do you know, if ARCR services provides help for rentista status for European people also? I think and hope so, but i´m not sure about. Could be good to get a little help by this! Thanks for your quick information
  6. @andrea 1 Hello, i´m a newcomer at this forum and sure not informed well, but there is something(or shall i say something more) which confuses me and this is the renewdate in 2012, i thought it is about 5 jears to renew!?

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