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  1. Just get her used to the carrier. she sleeps there, eats there, it is her happy place. You might try a Thunderjacket (it goes by a bunch of names) for anxiety. You can use other meds that are not tranqs - like benadryl, camomile, L-tryptofan. etc. but the best you can do is desensitize her to the crate and other distractions before travel.
  2. I don't think you are crazy. I flew back to Texas in 2008 with 2 cats, and 5 dogs but I did it all myself - didn't use a service. And then when we moved here permanently in 2009 I flew down with 5 dogs - 4 in cabin and 1 in cargo (I had friends that were dog mules for me). Again, didn't use a service. they are my family. they are better than most people.
  3. Rainy - with all due respect - just because they have a pretty sign from a recognized US real estate company it doesn't mean they are nice people. The franchise company doesn't police their franchisees - they do not care how they operate their business in CR - I have been told this by a franchise real estate company. They said they might want to know if the franchisee has been convicted of a crime. But, we all know how long that takes . . . . . .. . . . . . . That is not to say there are not good, legit, ethical folks in the RE biz, but you really, really have to be careful buying propert
  4. I think the thing you need to realize is that even if someone is working here legally in the real estate biz and they are unethical, immoral and downright criminal - there is very little you can if you get snagged by one. They know you, as a gringo, (their biggest target) will most likely just go back where you came from or if you do try to stay and fight it out - that time is on their side and in all likelihood you will either die before it goes to court or the court will do nothing. In other words, they will get away with murder and will then go on to commit even more nasty crimes. As lon
  5. Oh, wow, I am soooo sorry for your loss. Pets wrap their paws around your heart forever. He was lucky to have you.
  6. Rick if that works for you, more power to you. Having been married two times in the past - I consider marriage riskier than starting a business! I could potenitally sell my business but I couldn't give away my ex-husbands.
  7. You have to have permanent residency in Costa Rica to work, like what Tom and Marcia said. Even if you could - why would you want to? Everyone and their mother and dog is a real estate agent in CR or so it seems. Plus, not much is selling like in the boom days.
  8. http://www.amcostarica.com has a section at the bottome of their classifieds with some of the rescue groups. Plus, there is a section in Pets Y Mas magazine for the rescue groups and licensed breeders. A little known fact - technically, you must have a CVO (certification by SENASA) to breed and sell dogs. The only way it seems to be enforced is by a complaint to SENASA but its a start.
  9. You can google links to decide the amount to give. Or you can do the math looking at your bottle of Arthotabs and figure out the dosage. Another option is Vit C. You can also google Vitamin C + dogs + arthritis (or hip dysplasia). If you can find Syn-Flex here, that has been highly recommended to also be used for dogs. To make you feel better, I have a 150lb dog on Glucosamine+Chondrontin. I am slowly switching him to Ester C.
  10. There is a cream called Alergel which has lidocaine and benadryl in it. The lidocaine may burn or hurt at first but then it will numb the area. You can also use steroid cream w/ an antiobiotic in it, like neosporin. It is my experience that most hot spots are caused fromn allergic a reaction to a flea bite. It only takes one bite. You never have to even see the flea. You can give her oral benadryl, too. I would also recommend shampooing her 2-3 times a week with a shampoo containing chlorhexidine. Because she also has some arthritis, you might start to give her supplemental Vit C. Ye
  11. I don't remember the name of the clinic, I could ask my vet (he referred me there) - it is in Santo Domingo Heredia. I had a large dog that had 4 x-rays done (elbow/shoulder) with an othro vet - total was under $300 including consult and meds. Much cheaper than the states. There is also a list of vets in the Pets Y Mas magazine that do x-rays.
  12. They even have their nails done in holiday themes. tiny, tiny paintings on their nails. I am in awe, although it would never work on my nails, I am too much of a tomboy.
  13. Oh Geez, CRFinca, I am so sorry. Where were all the dogs? Hope they are okay. Sounds like an inside job, to me. Someone knew what and where that stuff was.
  14. I am so sorry, it seems it is always someone that knows you that violates the trust. I hope the video motivates the police to do something.
  15. That is a sad story, Pam. But, it is amazing that you are not sitting there moping, you are actively working towards a solution. He is lucky to have you. I, too, will keep positive thoughts for you and your husband.
  16. David is right on the money and I live in the Lake Arenal area. Feel free to PM me if you need particulars.
  17. What a wonderful, marvelous attitude you have. I hope someday I have the pleasure of meeting you in person. :)

  18. What a wonderful, marvelous attitude you have. I hope someday I have the pleasure of meeting you in person. :)

  19. I think she meant by 3/4 of us have escaped means that she and her 2 sons are here, her husband is 1/4 - still back in NYC. With that said, Aggie, the folks here have been helpful, IMHO. It may not be what you were wanting to hear. Kinda reminds me of the person who kept shopping his idea around until he found someone who finally agreed with him 100%. I am sure you will find that person, too. I had been to CR numerous times over many years before my BF and I made the permanent move. One of the visits was for 1 month where we went all over the counry - still didn't see everything. Then w
  20. Okay, I'll bite, from all your research, why did you pick Escazu area to live in if you want to live the Tico culture? And why do you have to buy a house? Why can't you rent? You say you have to sell your home in the states on order to afford to apply for residency so how are you gonna make ends meet? Do you have a virtual job? One that you can do online and work from home? Cuz ya know you can't work here unless you are a permanent resident (takes 3yrs from the temporary residency) - and if your wife is getting a job with a company that is relocating her here - say, Intel, why can't they
  21. I second what Newman says. WAIT. You do not need a realtor to find a rental. And when it is time to buy, you will know who the snakes are, and there are alot of snakes. Some of my best friends are real estate agents and so are some of my worst enemies!!!
  22. The more time you have to get your pet acquainted with the travel carrier the better. Let them sleep in it, eat in it, come and go, be put in there for periods of time. Desensitize them to the experience. It all depends upon your pet. In my personal experience, I have shipped dogs and cats of various ages and sizes (in addition to zoo animals in my pre-Costa Rica life) and not one suffered any ill effect. But it depends upon the animal. I do think they take on the anxiety of the owner if the owner is showing such.
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