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  1. I do not know of any Lyme disease cases but know of several Erlichiosis cases in dogs. If diagnosed quickly the prognosis is good if the dog is otherwise healthy. I have had 2 dogs contract Erlichiosis, I knew they were symptomatic on day one. Their appetite decreased, their ears were very warm, and they were lethargic. The treatment was Doxycycline for several weeks. Just because a dog has a tick now and then or maybe even covered in ticks does not mean they will get the disease, it just takes one infected tick. If you don't notice the early signs and the dog gets sicker, then the prognosis is more grave. There could be liver damage even if the dog survives. The best thing is prevention. Topical application of anti tick products (advantage, frontline, etc) and a tick collar (virbac - this works in a different way than the topical liquid) are essential. It may also be necessary to do a premise spray if you are located near a heavy tick infestation area (like near a pasture full of cows).
  2. that should read Cynthia Jiron Gutierrezwww.grupoha.com cjiron@grupoha.com 506 -2668-1423
  3. You might try contacting Cynthia Jiron Gutierrezwww.grupoha.comcjiron@grupoha.com 506 -2668-1423 her company is based at the aduna in Liberia. Make sure your flight is scheduled to land in Liberia before 2-3p so you can get to the Aduana before they close and do not come in on weekends. You might also want to consider the temperature restriction. check with your airline.
  4. Thanks, that link is AWESOME!
  5. What is the approx drive time from Puntarenas to Dominical?
  6. Having gone the Inversionista route to gain residency, and I did it by the spirit of the theme and bought an actual business, I would recommend going Rentista. The paperwork you must provide would choke a horse. It is not for the faint of heart.
  7. We live in an open house. We love it but it has its draw backs. Leaves come in. So do bugs, we have bug lights in the rooms that are used in the evening. And we get a fine bettina of gray/black mold on just about everything. We use Lysol, bleach solution, vinegar, and alcohol (most of that goes in us - just kidding) to keep it somewhat at bay. We are in Tierras Morenas, land of the wind.
  8. Lunja

    Immersive Travel, View to Relocate

    I can not think of any place in Costa Rica that might be mold free except maybe Chirripo.
  9. Lunja

    Bus from Liberia back to Arenal

    correct me if I am mistaken but I believe Interbus is only from Hotel to Hotel. A taxi ride from Tilaran to N. Arenal will be at least c20,000, so be prepared.
  10. Lunja

    Bus from Liberia back to Arenal

    paul, then her options from tilaran to la fortuna, san carlos (stopping off in N.Arenal) are 12:30 and 4:30p from Tilaran.
  11. Lunja

    Bus from Liberia back to Arenal

    no, she asked about the bus to nuevo arenal. there is a bus that just goes to nuevo arenal from tilaran.
  12. Lunja

    Bus from Liberia back to Arenal

    The buses from Liberia to Cañas run on a fairly regular basis, same for the buses from Cañas to Tilaran. The buses to Nuevo Arenal, not so frequent. 1p, 2:30p, 3:30p check http://thebusschedule.com/cr/index.php
  13. Lunja

    small acreage and home

    Rent in the area you are interested in, watch and listen and look. It is a buyers market so you are in control and do not rush into any "deal". Get your own lawyer, do NOT use the agents atty. Contracts must be in spanish to be valid. Get an independent inspector for your property. but the short answer is yes, you are able to find something to meet your budget.
  14. My vet charged me c25,000 for the health certificate stamped by the SENASA vet. but I live in a small town and get a volume discount. LOL current dog count - 30
  15. The lot across the street is great. I use it when I have to do any business in San Jose. I park there and then take a cab to do my errands, saves on my stress level.

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