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    Travel from Jaco to Caribbean

    We will be in Jaco early March for two weeks and would like to travel to the Caribbean side. We have traveled up and down the Pacific side in a rental car on prior trips, so relatively comfortable with driving in Costa Rica. We have several questions: 1. What town should we visit? 2. Recommendations on accommodations? 3. Must see, must do stuff? 4. How difficult is the drive? Have a GPS loaded with Costa Rica maps, but at times it has been little help. 5. Warnings things we need to look out for? Appreciate any help that can be provided. Thanks! Dave
  2. Thanks! If this includes the refundable deposit your numbers are much lower than my estimate.
  3. Thanks to all for the information and advice. We have been spending two weeks in Costa Rica on vacation for the past five years. I understand that a vacation is not reflective of what it is like to live there, but we are not totally naïve about the country. The reason to collect data at this time was only budgetary, putting a spreadsheet together to determine what the costs would be to move to Costa Rica and rent a place for 4 to 5 years to see if it is a place we would want to live long term. We are interested in residency based on acquiring access to medical resources.
  4. So an estimate for a couple would be $2400 for Lawyers, $2000 for Government fees, $260 for cedula and a refundable deposit of $700. Not counting the refundable deposit the total estimate for two people would be somewhere in the $4660 range. Is this accurate?
  5. Thanks for the information!
  6. Can someone provide me with estimated cost to acquire residency? I understand no one size fits all, just looking for budgetary amount.
  7. Oysterharbour

    Car Rental in Jaco

    Looking for suggestions for a rental car in Jaco for two weeks In March 2015
  8. Oysterharbour

    Rental Cars Jaco

    Looking for a rental car in Jaco for two weeks in March, any suggestions on a good all around deal is appreciated!
  9. Oysterharbour

    Farmers Markets Close to Jaco

    Looking for a farmers market close to Jaco that is open on Sunday or Monday
  10. Oysterharbour

    Farmers Markets Pacific Coast

    Thanks Jessica!
  11. Oysterharbour

    Farmers Markets Pacific Coast

    Looking for a farmers market that sets up on a Saturday on the Pacific Coast
  12. Oysterharbour

    Jaco Car Rentals

    Looking for a recomendation on renting a car in Jaco during the high season. Thanks, Dave J
  13. My wife and I are making our second trip to Costa Rica next March; we will be staying in Jaco but would like to see the Caribbean coast. Last trip we rented a car and found our way from San Jose to Jaco, not without getting lost several times. How difficult an undertaking is driving from Jaco to the Caribbean coast? I have a Garmin GPS and Costa Rica maps loaded, but what we found is that this does not necessarily insure success when driving in Costa Rica. We are not sure where on the coast we would like to visit, but ease of getting there and back will play a big part of the “where” decision. Dave and Joanne Johnson
  14. 12 hour days five days a week. Does not sound like a good way to live paradise.

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