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  1. Pensaba que este foro debia ser en español
  2. From my point of view, it´s perfectly designed to screw you.
  3. Laura K Hola, te ensenio como lo aprendi. Praticaste esta manera?
  4. I would say yes to this question. I bought my first property in CR in 2009. I started looking into this market in 2007. I kept a lot of the records of the properties that were on my list (more than a hundred). Costa Rica is for sale. More than 80% of the properties that are on my list still for sale. A good part of them their prices went down. I've one in mind: A beautiful 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home was built to North American standards using nothing but the best in construction materials by a North American builder. Modern well lit kitchen including electric range and refrigerator. L
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