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  1. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    The new AMEX prepaid card has found its way to our daughter--many thanks to Mark--and it works flawlessly...presumably at almost any ATM. There are no monthly fees with the card compared with most others that do have a fee, the withdrawal fee is only $3 for foreign transactions, so much cheaper than MoneyGram, Western Union, and so forth. We set up the card to automatically move $$ from our US bank every month, and we can add additional $$ as needed, all with no fees and no running to the local drug store or bodega to make the transfer, so I have to say it is a piece of cake. Thanks to al the others who also offered to carry the card to CR for us.
  2. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    That would be great...I'll give it a try next time beore the AMEX card arrives. In the past, sending $$ to CR had to be done at a physical location...credit and debit cards were refused online, and you won't know until you actually try the transfer--at least that is the way it has worked in the past--you got all the way to the end of the process and it said go to a store.
  3. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    MG is different country by country--some are OK withi internet and some aren't--CR is store only to send. To send to CR, we go to the local CVS drug store, and they have a red phone which is a direct line to MG. Ditto at several liquor stores, bodegas, and so forth. I looked on the map, and MG has about 25 locations within a couple miles of us. We live in an area of NJ that has a very high immigrant population--actually the highest concentration of CR residents anyplace in the US. They asked us for some sort of ID--I think it was drivers license--the first time we used them about five years ago, and they assigned a customer number that we have used since with no issues.
  4. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    I just checked SJ, Grecia, Guanecaste, and Jaco and there were at least five loations in each, and many more in SJ and Grecia, so unless you are in a really remote area, I suspect you won't have to travel very far.
  5. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    I should have said that all our transfers have been to the SJ area where there are countless places to pick up the $$...sorry that I have never checked the outlying areas.
  6. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    We have used MG for several years, and have never run into a limit, although we have never gone above $1100. The $9.99 rate is for 3 days, but 99% of the time the $$ is in CR within a few minutes. The pickup is at virtually any bank as well as many merchants, so it is really easy. The one drawback with transfers to CR is that they muct be done from a MG site, and not from the internet, and their locations in the US are everywhere.
  7. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    I asked if they would send it to their office in SJ and the answer was no. I didn't ask if they would send it DHL, so maybe that would have been an alternative. As to Western Union, their prices can be very high so we use MoneyGram which is just $9.99 for any transfer from tre US to CR.
  8. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    Thanks to everyone !! We have our mule. I frequently recall the times I carried a small item or two from the States, and the big smiles when I delivered them on the CR end.
  9. sectorbets

    Need a mule to the San Jose area

    Many thanks to those who responded. We have the new card, and before we just send it to one of those who resonded, her exact location is about half way between Campo de futbol and Unversidad San José in San Franciso, so I would like to make it easy for her (she doesn't have a car) and easy for you. Please let me know how far you are from her, and a possible meeting point, and then we can make arrangements. Thanks so much Rick
  10. Hi folks It has been 18 months since we moved back to the US so my wife could get her green card--done--and then US citizenship--still 18 months until we can file the paperwork, and then back to CR down the road. In the meantime, her daughter lives in San Francisco near SJ, just across from the university, and we had the great idea of getting a no fee American Express prepaid card for her so that we can send her $$ with no cost to us. So far no problem, however, twice we have mailed it to her at the general post office in SJ, and twice it never showed up, so we are wondering if anyone is travelling from the US to the SJ area over the next few months, and if we could ask you to carry this third new card to her. If so it would be really great, but if not, we will be back in CR over the next six months and will wait until then. Thanks so much and best wishes to everyone Rick
  11. sectorbets

    Bye for now

    My wife just got her green card last week, and for the next 3 - 4 years we will be primarily in the US--not only to keep her green card active and meet the physical presence requirements for citizenship, but also to return to dental school in order to get a US license. At the three-year mark, she will apply for US citizenship, and then we will have no travel or living constraints going forward. We kept our Tico style condo in Alajuelita for now--her oldest daughter is living there, and it gives us some time to figure out what to do with it. I won't be checking in here all that much for the immediate future, but I want you to all know that I have learned an amazing amount from all of you, and wish you all the very best.
  12. sectorbets

    Text messages to Costa Rica

    We use Skype and MagicJack for voice--sometimes our internet connection is a little rough which makes the calls break up, but mostly everything works well. If the other party also has Skype, the call is completely free, and with MagicJack, it is only about $20 per year once you buy the gadget which varies in price, but you can get it for about $20 as well. We don't use Skype for messaging, but I know that it is fairly cheap as well.
  13. C'mon guys...I have never been shocked and there are hundreds of millions of showers taken in Latin America every day with these things with no problems, but I was curious a few years ago and did google the whole idea and found websites full of people who had problems and you wouldn't believe some of the pictures of the wiring. I wasn't forecasting a problem--just commenting that there is a danger if it is wired in such a way that you are the primary conductor to the ground. I apologize for the word many--change it to a few of my post and read it again !!
  14. If you google suicide shower you will find two things: 1) If wired properly the risk is close to zero 2) There have been many injuries and deaths from improper wiring It's about that simple
  15. sectorbets

    crime in escazu

    As i have said in other threads, living in NYC and Mexico City, the crime rates and personal danger of CR are of little concern to us...SJ and its suburbs seems quite tame in comparison to what we have seen elsewhere, and let me tell you there are plenty of places in Brooklyn or the Bronx with bars on the windows and razor wire. Even in the trendiest parts of Manhattan, virtually every street level window has bars--no razor wire though

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