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  1. You mostly have to wait until you get here, but it's really no big deal...there are typically more properties than you can deal with, and you don't generally need a broker--local or gringo. Just find a B&B in the general area, and then work from there for a few days, and you will be all set--REALLY !!
  2. Amen--it is never simple and falls on the shoulders of many, and let's not forget that the Clinton administration wanted to push home ownership to the 67% level from the 60% or so where it was at the time and then that same goal was adopted by the Bush administration's ownership society strategy--the simple and noble goal of getting more folks into owning their own home led I think to all the things you identified above--as always, be careful what you wish for since the unintended consequences can be broad and deep
  3. Every region is different of course, but all I did is look at the Case Schiller data which is the only national data on home prices in major metropolitan areas, and is the generally accepted metric on Wall Street where I work. Take it or leave it--it is still the base metric used by investors. Everything you say about mortgages is correct of course, and some areas are rebounding and others are still falling. And I don't care even a little bit whether it was Bush or Obama in office--neither of their administration policies had much to do with home prices except maybe at the margin duri
  4. Let's try some facts and then the opinion can fly: 1) Housing measured by prices peaked in the first quarter of 2006--did Bush make it peak--you chose. 2) Housing bottomed temporarily in the first quarter of 2009--did Obama make it bottom being in office for just a couple of months?? Chose again 3) Housing actually picked up modestly until the second quarter of 2010 until the various housing stimulus programs started to run out--couldn't be Bush that made it pick up a little--maybe Obama ?? 4) Housing slid again until it made a lower bottom in the first quarter of 2011--mu
  5. I know that owning a home is part of the North American gene pool, but you might consider renting--you will be pleasantly surprised what is available, and that in general the prices are not out of sight. Owning seems to satisfy something deep in our North American souls, but renting can often be significantly better financially both short term and long term, but most of us from the North never take a serious look at how much better off we would be having all that extra cash to have fun rather than putting it into a house. Particularly if you are entering your seventh decade of life. Whad
  6. If you are saying $2500 per month for an apartment, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can find terrific accommodations well below that, and month to month shouldn't be a problem at all. While you can probably do better locally after you get here, take a look at at craigs list to get an idea of what is available targeted at gringos.
  7. I haven't asked this question before, but it nags at me--why are so many Norte Americanos so hell bent on pouring a big chunk of their net worth into a retirement home? Rents are cheap. Properties are abundant. Flexibility is at its maximum. Now, I have to admit I did the homeowner thing for much of my life in the States, but the freedom we have by renting in CR, not to mention the substantial amount of cash that we have not dumped back into a house gives us even more security and freedom. Don't mean to hijack this thread, so if the moderators want to move me, please do, and I have
  8. Same offer as before--I will be traveling ot the States Sep 11, so if you haven't found anyone by then, I'd be happy to take it, although I am in the SJ area so not too convenient for you.
  9. We are in Alajuelita which would scare away most gringos, but the condos are typically three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a great room style for LR, DR, and kitchen, and bigger than most Tico homes and smaller than NA homes. There are maybe 200 units in a row house style--realtively new--less than ten years, and some amenities like a pool, armed guards, etc. Very pleasant environment inside the gate. Almost always something for sale and quite reasonable since almost all Ticos in the development. I just checked and there are a couple for rent for about 300,000 colones, but don't have a go
  10. Don't waste your time trying to change this--it is a done deal. It will add 3 - 6 months to the time to get a spousal based visa versus filing directly with the embassy, assuming you met all the residency requirements of CR for US citizens (this has NOTHING to do with CR permanent residency)(or any other country), but other wise there are no changes.
  11. Very important point--when I got my first carry permit many years ago in NY--I never did carry except to the shooting range--I had to go through an orientation with the local sheriff department, and after proving I could hit a target without shooting myself in the foot, the sheriff gave me an overview of the laws, and he ended the session with "never just point a gun at a person--just pull the trigger." Then, and only then is your weapon actually a defensive tool, and as jagsoul said so well, are you ready for that?? If not, don't waste your money on a weapon.
  12. Ozzie--these people want help and you respond with a grammar lesson !! ptt--Lo siento, pero la mayoría de la gente aquí habla Inglés por lo que obtendrá una mejor respuesta si se puede escribir en Inglés. Buena suerte.
  13. Hey Aggie We all have a bias or two, and they travel with us wherever we go--some hurt us and some help us. But I can tell you that I react differently to things in CR than I do in NYC and different yet when I'm home in Michigan with my aging parents. Anyone that tries a one size fits all lifestyle misses out on way too much fun and new things. I would never suggest for a moment that you or anyone on this site are anything but interesting--just gotta keep an open mind when another person's bias start taking control--it's hard sometimes, but I have no interest whatsoever in changing you,
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