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  1. James, It is mostly condos. There are 36 condos, owned mostly by Americans and Ticos and there is lots of common area to walk your dog. One of the owners has 2 small dogs. Those condos are 3 bedroom. There are 8 townhomes, 2 bedroom, but no private yard. One is most definitely open to a yearly rental and they love cats, so I'm sure they would accept a dog. Then there are a 3rd set of condos, mostly unsold, and probably not available for rent. You are correct, there are only 4 houses built and only one is available for rental on a weekly, not long term basis. Generally, havi
  2. James, We rent on a yearly basis in Nativa Resort. It is 25 minutes North of Jaco, just beyond the Tarcoles River. It is about the most secure place in the area and set on 350 acres with extremely low density.In the entire community, there are only 9 people in 4 families that reside here on a full time basis. There may be some owners that would be interested in a long term rental in the 3 bedroom condominiums. If you are interested, I would be happy to check further. Diane
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