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    Moving to San Carlos area and wx?

    We recently took out a permit to install electrical to our property. Until we complied with ICE requirements they would not install the meter! From that point on, they simply read the meter. No further inspections during the progress. After that, we were on our own. Thank the big lady above, my spouse is a plumber/electrician. Even watching over the electrician like a hawk, (we were away one day) next day on our return we noticed, the electician had installed 240amp for the refrigerator. Couldn't yank the wiring out so had to reroute. Planos, wiring diagrams, what are they??? They stuff them all in a pail! At least this keeps them from blowing away! Excuse my rant!
  2. I don't know how other Canadian Provinces handle payment of HealthCare premiums however, in Ontario, is it paid by the employer. When I owned a business in Ontario I believe it was a figure like .1% of the Employers gross payroll after Federal/Provincial taxes and Unemployment Insurance were deducted. Don't quote me because it has been a number of years. It is not a payroll deduction. It is a tax on payroll. Yeh,Yeh! I know, all you acounting type people are going to say, it is a payroll deduction and I can agree. The law in the Province of Ontario calls it a tax on payroll and this is the ONLY method in which Health Care in Ontario is funded. It never shows up on the Employees pay stub. And also, when it first came into effect believe me, it was, pretty much, impossible to get a raise from any Employer in the Province for a long time. Not popular,years, and some Employers spoke with their feet. And those who slip under the wire...ie self employed,unemployed, pensioners well, I will let anyone who gives a %&^* go work that out! Insidently, that Government was not re-elected! Remember NOT ONE CANADIAN IS EVER, EVER, EVER TURNED AWAY FROM A HOSPITAL AND THE SERVICE IS THE SAME, NO MATTER WHO ARIVES ON THE DOCTORS DOORSTEP. Yes, Doctors and Hospital staff are overworked,and there are many people who do not have a personal physician allowing for overcrowded emergency rooms. There are a goodly supply of 'walkin clinics' Ontario's healthcare plan works there too. They claim there is no 2 tier system.(maybe) Nothing is perfect, but it works, most of the time. And no Canadian has to rob a bank to get their kid's broken arm in a cast!
  3. Hi Paul. Sorry, this is a side issue. Canadians, who have winter homes in Florida, can stay in th US legally for 6 months without renewing their visa. My Daughter-in-law's Parents and Grandparents do this. Her Grandparents have owned a home for many years. I also have friends who own winter homes in Arizona. They also take advantage of this option. 'Snowbirds' = Canadian Zoomers (seniors) who spend their winters in the south. 'Snowbirds' = Canadian Persons with gray hair! Because their are so many who take advantage of this method of surviving Canadian winter, we have coined a name for them. Some insurance companies offer 'Snowbird Insurance'. I guess, it is Canadian thing.
  4. Suggest you go CRF's route and apply for 'legal residency'. Expat99 may be suggesting you live outside the law. If migration decides to put the boots to you, your love of CR could be short lived. Unlike Florida and Arizona, CR does not have a 6 month snowbird policy. Other States may also have this policy. These are the only 2 of which I have personal knowledge. We have friends who live 6months in Canada and the other 6, in Florida/Arizona Too bad, it might be good for tourism.
  5. Thank you Eleanorcr for your kind comments regarding my suggestions...I had a good Mom. She taught me that good manners, verbal or written, are always appreciated. You have proved her right. I will thank you on her behalf. The topic is, without being rude, The number of persons who return and the hard data substantiating those figures, not my perponderance for and the use of the 'Queen's English' or protocol. My data came from CZ's data. He said, 'I move many people here, I move more back. Most of those I move back are young people who (to coin an oft used phrase) did not do their due diligence. My problem is with the regurgitation of the same old, same old, when a topic gets to 60 entries, it becomes so obvious that it is yesterdays meal.
  6. Thank you AG, my point exactly. We spoke personally, with CZ back in October 2010(see my first post WAYWAYWAYWAYBack in December. Boy some of these topics become a waste of good cyberspace. I realize the holiday kept some gentle forum members away, Not to mention Forum Speed (woops! that's anothe Loooooooooong thread or 6?.) OF THE PEOPLE HE MOVED HERE AND HAVE SINCE RETURNED,,,MOST ARE YOUNGER PEOPLE WHO, AFTER ARRIVING, FOUND THEY COULD NOT WORK, FOUND THE WAGES TO WORK SO LOW, THEY COULD NOT MANAGE. Again, the wisdom, of their youth, they most likely thought the law was an ass. Asses kick! We all know kids like this. He also said yes, older people do, also return too,however, for different reasons. His info is based on the movements of HIS customers. If you are happy with the service of your moving company, you are more than likely to move them again...correct. Ergo Statistics. Remember, last month the Forum memmber in her 40s, no lifelong income, miger(SP?) internet business, who wanted to move ALL her possessions, without residency. She couldn't understand why she couldn't just arrive, at will. Why were WE making it so hard for her. Her response was, as she wrote, to stop reading this forum. There is another side to this issue....What about the ones who have moved here, got caught and deported. The moving company probably doesn't even get the privilege (or then money) of moving them back! Please, gentle forum members, if you come into a long topic, (note the number in the right hand corner, also the page number, This is page 4)have the good grace to read the entire thread prior to regurgitating the entire topic. Most of what was said is a total repeat of other gentle forum members said last year. I enjoy reading thought full and gently presented topics, this particular topic astounds me at the depth some members have gone to be negative...Even when credible evidence, from reliable sources, has been presented.
  7. Hi Almost There,

    I am the person who near the beginning of this thread agreed with the poster. This is based on information received from a mover, who we both know! Closely tied to ARCR. I chose not to post his name however, it was directly from the 'horses mouth'. Personal information based on facts.

    He said most of those who returned,were young and believed they could fi...

  8. Kees&Ellen

    Slow Forum Speed

    Mine is pathetic. I am in Grecia and I have waited over 5 minutes just to get to this site and another 2 minutes to go to page 2!
  9. November 2009 opened a Scotiabank account using my passport and a utility bill from my landlord. Received Folio number in February 2010. Opened BN account a couple of months ago with passport, a letter and utility bill from ARCR. Received approval of residency in November 2010. (Waiting appointment notification) There is no problem, with the correct documentation. Have to agree, bad moment at BCR.
  10. Kees&Ellen

    Moving to San Carlos area and wx?

    May be wrong but, I am sure, I saw this agent a few times on HGTV, House Hunters International showing properties in Jaco and Heredia. I watched properties on various sites for a 10 months before we moved here and continued up until June 2010. Many of the properties we looked at are still on the market. If they leave one site, they turn up on another. If you are property hunting and looking at Tico builds...watch out for the Electrical. It is usually HORRIFIC. Local newspaper recently reported 38% of all housefires in CR are electrical fires. Every property we looked at needed to be totally rewired. might check Greg Smelser's thread. I think it is called 'Finally here' His info on 'suicide showers' is pretty much the way houses are wired here. Plumbing is another problem. 'P traps' are virtually non existant (however. they are available)and often inadequate sewage. Often grey water runs into the ditch in front of the house. We live in a recently built rental and we have had to dig out the drain to grey water 3 times in the past year. These are some of the reasons why most forum members suggest so strongly that you rent.rent.rent.
  11. My information on the online transfers came from Ryan, unless I heard him wrong.
  12. Kees&Ellen

    Tico culture questions.

    If I remember correctly we spent about 10.000colones for a replacement water heater. i think they have a short life. The replacement worked much better. Often, Ticos use cold water so, they may not realize there is a problem. We have friends who are having difficulties. Each week, we bring them a whole chicken and big bags of rice and beans or pasta. They can make gallo pinto and the chicken may be the only meat they get.
  13. Kees&Ellen

    Moving to San Carlos area and wx?

    At 7am this morning we drove from Grecia for a visit to Thermales del Bosque (just north of San Carlos. A lovely warm Saturday morning...typical day in paradise. We drove through Sarchi, Naranjo in the sunny morning. From Zarcero through the rest of our day, until we returned, to our area, it was cold, cloudy, and rainy. Glad we live in Grecia. How typical is this?...I don't know however, this is one of our favourite get aways and usually this is the way it is on the days we choose to go. I was thinking,as we drove through this...typically English or Vancouver weather!
  14. Yea!!!Congratulations Carol You no longer need to leave the country. Yea!!! I hope you have your drivers license or you will have to take a test. you are allowed 90days. From a conversation I had with Ryan Piercy, ARCR, you need to begin the movement of $ to colones when your residency is approved. ie.when ARCR gives you a message that your residency is approved. We got this message in November. We transfer the $ to colones on line.monthly and print a copy. keep it on file. We have not had our appointment as yet however, we have paid legal fees, cedula fee and other costs. On any of these items, if in error, I stand corrected. E

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