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  1. I can get you connected with SkyLynx Communications within 3 days. The cost will be $350.00 and the monthly is $55.00 per month. Micronet bite the dust last year.

    Tom Butynski

    SkyLynx Communications Costa Rica


    2453-4549 / 8706-0471

  2. Got it griffco! How can I help you?

  3. Hi Thom. Tried to answer your note, but think I did it wrong! Griffco is in San Ramon--actually in San Isidro de San Ramon. We were using Micronet Costa Rica and had an aerial and used 2 megs. It was a great service until they just disappeard. We are still without service, using the local coffee shop!!!

  4. HiThom, We are in San Isidro de San Ramon, just east of San Ramon looking down on the city. We had 2megs, an aerial on the roof. Hope this gets to you--nevr used it before. We are sitting outside of a cafe in San Ramon!

  5. Griffco, Where are you located and what type of service were they providing for you, and for how much? -tpb

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