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  1. Moribund and Bellicose

  2. Me again. I just checked and I am an Abuelo. However my grandkids might agree with you. ROFLMAO
  3. Thanks AP I have no idea if this will appear as a reply. You would think that when you hit reply the first thing would be a box to type in same. Anyway, thanks. It looks like the only real beating I am taking is with the "treatments" 48 months times $500 might have changed the '98 car I am driving. You have helped me reconcile the school costs. The oldest graduates in October and today I received an email invite. My CO ff miles allowed me a free ticket. After the graduation I will have a long talk with them on the subject of ripping off old geezers. LOL. Thanks again. Pura Vida
  4. Thanks Paul: Ernie is fine. Thanks for info. Grandkids call me Ern or Pops. As for the adoptees, I have not pulled the rug out yet. Have a great weekend.
  5. Hola: Re caja To save embarasment I will not mention the amount involved since 2004. This not a romantic connection but a replacement for an overseas childrens charity that appeared to spend too much on glitzy mailings. I was happy to see my pseudo adopted family in a reasonably nice home after being homeless. One kid graduated from collagio and the other at the top of his class. I have visited every 3 or 4 months and have developed an attachment for them, even knowing that a lot of expenses were bogus. Ie: $500 cancer treatments every month plus $50 to pay Caja. The costs for rent seemed reasonable. The amounts for school were for uniforms, shoes, books, etc to the tune of $256 per student each school year. I would appreciate any information on schools. When in session and hours/day and so on. I probably have this whining and sniveling in the wrong forum. If so please adjust my compass. I love Costa Rica and the people. I just waited too long to move. Thanks.
  6. Hi markp I spent 28 years with several different US agencies. One thing I know for sure is that the higher-ups in the different agencies do not like to get derogatory letters from the people we work for. Especially ones that make them look bad. You should get the name and official position of the AH you encountered and send it to the State Department in DC. Include names of witness if any. You would be surprised at the size of the pot-hole that this will put in the career path of Civil Service misfits.
  7. Hi: I have been helping a small family with some Cancer medical treatments since 2004. I am wondering if the Caja could possibly cover this. Also does anyone know if the schools sell packages that include uniforms, books, etc for students in escuela and collagio? Any info sincerely appreciated. Thanks
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