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  1. Great info... Thank you for sharing. I may just call on you when we start to build... Thanks again
  2. Jungle Paul.. Great points - and I agree completely. Although I do not live in Costa Rica - we are looking seriously and keeping our eyes wide open - but we will wait it out a bit anyways. We never imagined that the bubble would burst where I live either - prices have been escalating rapidly for over 5 years - supply/demand, apparent lifestyle and of course the ability of work... The houses got more and more expensive and out of reach for a great number of people - the asset to liability ratio grew even more quickly than the housing prices - a full recipe for a real estate slide which is what happened. Our economy is still strong and growing, we are not in a recession here yet - people are still moving here but houses are not selling...hmmm maybe a paradigm shift... I can't say Gringos moving in and Gringos moving out... but I can say Easterners moving in and Westerners moving out...
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