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  1. All the banks that I have worked with require atleast 1 year of work history. Do you have a corporation that is more than 1 year old? Is that corporation connected to a bank account that you have money coming into? If so you can use that as your 1 year of work history. You will just need to get a certified letter from an accountant to verify income.
  2. They have sold alot of property but still no construction. I really hope it happens because there is alot of hard money invested in the project. If I was going to get involved in the project I would only put money in escrow and nothing released until permits where in place and there was proof of funds to complete what you are buying.
  3. Jade is currently on hold and they are not returning anyones deposits at this moment. When I get more information I will share it with the group.
  4. You can look up Cámara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raíces and that has a list of all the Realtors that have attended there Real Estate Class. Good Luck
  5. Thanks Chris. Finding a good broker is tough in this country but when you do you should hold on. When searching for property I would start with interviewing Brokers first then let them go to work for you. If you try to do it on the Internet when we have no MLS you will just confuse yourself. Again great post Chris.
  6. I have been watching the project from the beginning. It has been at a stand still for atleast 1 year now. There is one house that is completed. The finishes are of very low quality. I have fished in those mangroves with a friend and the fishing is good. But until there start doing some real work I would put any hard money at it.
  7. Hi. I have attached a document that I have put together to help people understand Concession. If you take the proper steps and have the right attorneys concession property is fine to purchase. People are buying and selling concession property all the time. If you have more questions please feel free to contact me.
  8. Hi. You can set up an escrow account at one of the Title companies if you really want to reserve the unit. Then once you get there and review the property the funds can be release on inspection and that can all be put in the escrow agreement. It will cost alittle but is a way that you can 100% protect yourself. But I would personally rent a place at a aparthotel for a week and then look for a place that will fit your needs. Good luck.
  9. With 15K you can put a down payment on something. I haven't seen anything that you can live in the Central Pacific Coast for 15K. But I haven't checked everywhere. :-) Lisle www.cb-jaco.com
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