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About Me

I'm hoping to be in CR by June 2010. Right now, the plan is to live there for a one-year timeframe. If I like it, I will stay, and if I miss home, I will move back. Simple as that! :)


Why do I wanna move? Many reasons!! The main one is that for at least one year, I wanna live life the way *I* feel it should be lived...removed from corporate constraints, waking up relaxed and happy, taking in all the beauty in the world, etc. I just love life and am ready to start really experiencing it. Unlike many my age in the South, I've never been married and have no kids ---- and the strange part is that I'm totally cool with the hand God's dealt me in life. Each city I've lived in, I've always moved there not knowing a soul, so making the move by myself will be nothing new. Now, making a move alone to a new country will be though! I anticipate the hardest part for me will be missing out on all the many family events (grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, nieces...), but I'll think about that another day. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!






My passions in life: traveling & helping others

My loves in life: my big family, my 2 dogs, salsa dancing, beautiful scenery

My detests in life: Corporate America constraints/politics, rude & fake people, coming home from vacations, & my 3 phobias

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