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  1. Hi, TG.

    When you have time, would you mind telling me how to close out...or better yet, completely delete a post?? Thank you very much! Also, one more question: I am not allowed to send PM's anymore. What would be the reason for this? Thanks!!

  2. Hi, Timothy!! The site won't let me leave an email response to your email. Not sure why not. But I'll just say thanks, once again! Hopefully I can leave this comment!

  3. HI, Jo. I would do a search on the forum if I were you, only b/c a lot of info has been given even recently. Some may not want to respond to this again. Just search for dog food or something and you should find the info. Good luck!
  4. Ok, where can I click when I just want to see a list of all the new topics or responses? I used to click "View New Posts" and it took me there. Where is it in this format? thanks!
  5. daydreaming about getting to Costa Rica....

  6. When I said I couldn't understand her the other day, it was a reflection on myself and not her for sure!
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