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  1. Builderlongtime(JOHN) and Rodrigo, The problem here is we started with an architect who gave us a quote for the house that was initially 3-4 times the initial estimate. He than hired a builder to do his work. We are paying the full price for the architect on the full price we ended up paying. We also payed hefty building fees to the builder. These were profesionals, claiming to be the best and most qualified for the job in terms of building experience and education. Also the architect was who dealt with the builder throughout the process, he contracted him from start to finish. And let us know he is not the builder during the process. We were given a few choices on the quality of the finish, but in no way was our decision the reason for the escalation of the costs of several hundred thousand dollars. This was poor management and they both took there full fees and costs for work that was not completely done and also poorly done. We have not finished paying the architect and are waiting for him to arrange the rest of the work to be finished by the same builder with no new costs. If you would like I can list the numerous problems we had in a new message. Thanks for your interest. S
  2. Greg thank you as well. Ill try to get in touch with him. It would be great to talk to someone who is hiring someone for maintenance as well to get an idea of what I should expect from them in terms of work and wages. If you have any idea on this please let me know. This is of course in the Ojochal area.
  3. We have a large farm in the Ojochal area. I have a few questions concerning this.. We think maybe using the help of the expat community maybe a source of help in multiple issues we have come across, so I'll try to shoot a few questions to you here. First, the farm is being maintained by a manager who is asking 500 dollars for his salary per month and 300 dollars for salary for 2-3 other workers per month each. The fees outside the salary (roughly $700) are for gas bill for a truck we purchased, pesticide, among the other expenses the maintenance means. I was hoping to get an idea about what exactly one can expect for this type of endeavor. Are these expenses excessive from your experience? Second, The house was completed after 2.5 years and a hefty cost. The final cost of the house was 3 times the initial estimate. There are many things wrong with the house, that we are disappointed with. The builder who charged excessive fees to complete this project over the last few years says these are not his problem and would need to be paid to do the extra work. I was wondering if anyone knows how to deal with this situation. We are very unhappy of the unfinished project of our house and want to know what steps we can take. Are there any legal representatives that we can use that you can recommend? You think this is the correct route? What issues can you see us having if we persue this? I was also hoping to get any type of general contact information on dealing with problems with building in the South Pacific. This is my first attempt to get some outside help with the expat community and hope through your experiences you can give me some much needed advice. Thank you, S
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