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  1. At least until very recently, perhaps with the spread of 911 systems, plenty of rural addresses read, "(Name), RR (route number), (Town, State, ZIP Code)". The mail was delivered by a carrier who knew who lived where.
  2. When I helped a Costa Rican friend through this process, we just entered as much information as would fit. I seriously doubt that anyone checks any of it. My friend's visa sailed right through.
  3. If anything is possible, newman, can we hold out hope that you'll stop repeating the nonsensical conspiracy theories you so dearly love, or is not quite anything possible?
  4. You get 139k hits from a Google search because Google's search engine only looks for word matches. It doesn't necessarily sort out the detritus. If you actually look at the first-listed hits from your search, you'll see that most of them are reiterations of Gordon Duff's fantasy or references to it. It's not like 139,000 different sources are all reporting on the same thing. Because Google lists webpages with the word "nuclear" among your hits and webpages with "false" and ones with "flag" doesn't mean that those web pages have anything to do with Gordon Duff's delusion about a "nuclear false flag" or with any nuclear false flag that might exist outside Gordon Duff's and newsman's rich fantasy life (read: "delusions"). All it means is that Google found the words "nuclear", "false" and "flag" among the pages it combed through and listed pages with all three words first. Try this: Do your Google search again, but this time go down a page and see what the results show. Then go down another page. By then, you'll have combed through maybe fifty, not 139,000 hits, but the "nuclear false flag" citations will all be about the same thing and relating to the same source -- Gordon Duff's cockamamie assertions. Think about this, too . . . If every legitimate news site (say 100 sites) has a story about a train wreck , does that mean that there were 100 train wrecks yesterday, or does it mean that there were 100 stories about the same train wreck? It's an important distinction. And because Gordon Duff has a handful of "admirers" who share his worldview doesn't make it any more reflective of reality. And don't you think that, were there a shred of truth in any of this, that some mainstream news source (just one??) would have reported something about it? The entire East Coast of the United States is under threat of an immediate nuclear attack and no one among the legitimate news sources knows about it or is reporting on it?? Nobody (except Gordon Duff and newman, of course)? Oh! And when I just Googled "nuclear false flag", I got 3,650,000 hits, so the question is, "What are you doing wrong?"
  5. I also searched via Zite, a news aggregation app on my iPad that searches hundreds of (reliable) sources, and . . . nada.
  6. Paul, the time has come to open a new section of the ARCR Forum to make space for unfounded rumors, conspiracy theories, catastrophizing, and other forms of mental autodelusion. Can we not have a place where anything (I mean absolutely anything), no matter how farfetched, has a home? I just checked online ABC, NBC, CBS, even Fox, Al Jazeera, the BBC, Reuters, Tass, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post and not a one has any mention of this "nuclear false flag". Maybe Gordon Duff has been devoting too much time to Duff Beer. Or maybe Sr. newman has. So let me make a specific request . . . If the east coast of the United States is still intact in (say) 72 hours, can we not have the new Forum section? Please, please . . .
  7. Importing any wood product may be very difficult. Costa Rican import regulations mandate certification that the wood product did not come from a virgin source. I learned this from a retailer who was having problems importing appliances because they come crated on wooden pallets. The wood in the pallets had to be certified to have come from an approved source.
  8. There is a threshold below which you do not have to file a federal income tax return. That exemption MAY apply if your income is solely derived from Social Security, BUT I'M NOT CERTAIN ABOUT THAT.
  9. Further clarification . . . The gams divert attention from the rest of me which, as anyone who knows me will attest, is pretty disheartening. "Play to your strength", I always say.
  10. I'm right here, Theresa, which is to say, "Tiffany".
  11. We live in the Grecia are where, for a number of years, an American couple who self-declared themselves to be knowledgeable real estate agents took far too many liberties with unsuspecting customers. "Clients" is not a term to associate with this pair. Far too many deals went far too wrong. In fact, their reputation became so widely known that when folks from neighboring towns asked us where we live, their replies were sometimes, "So, did you get [insert name here}ed?"
  12. . . . and appearances can be deceiving. Ask me how I know.
  13. newman, you wrote, "if anyone is interested, go to Wikipedia - hyperinflation in Zimbabwe - they have a picture of a $100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe note - very interesting and gives a reason as to why we should all be concerned about inflation!" Well, I Googled "hyperinflation Costa Rica" (the subject of this Forum) and got this first hit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Costa_Rica Interestingly enough, the opening sentence reads, "The economy of Costa Rica is very stable." So, I suppose those of us headed for Zimbabwe or maybe American Samoa, or with interests there, should be shivering in our boots, but there appears to be little indication that we should all be dithering madly about runaway inflation here in Costa Rica. On the other hand, if you just enjoy a good dither . . .
  14. My understanding is that Brazil grows primarily the lower quality coffee robusto. You sure?
  15. Dana, you wrote, "David, I don't think elviscaprice was " promote a totally unsubstantiated conspiracy theory", his comments make sense. I think it was newmans comment that doesn't ." . . . and that was my point.
  16. Tut, tut, elviscaprice. Never pass up the opportunity to promote a totally unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.
  17. ". . . only . . colones . . .", eh. How interesting. Coopenae can offer CDs denominated either way. The mysteries of life . . .
  18. There are, however, non-profit financial cooperatives. Coopenae is one and I think Mutual of Alajuela is another. And the agricultural co-ops (also non-profits) afford at least some financial services.
  19. The whole works is Muñoz y Nani, missy. They have the pet shop across the street on the same side, too.
  20. costaricafinca (above) is right about M&N, but there are other sources. Check the local appliance outlets (Gollo, Casa Blanca, Importadora Monge, et al) outside the fancier neighborhoods. I've never shopped for a wood stove, so I can't be more specific, but I know I've seen them in retail store windows in Grecia. We have neighbors here, outside Grecia, who cook on wood stoves, so they have to be available somewhere. You might ask at your local ferreteria, too.
  21. The only likely reason that one would not be able to import a wood stove via Aerocasillas would be that you'd have to mortgage everything you own to pay their costs. Wood stoves are almost universally cast iron (right?). Anything large enough to burn a popsicle stick would be incredibly expensive to import regardless of the purchase price. Instead, why not buy one locally? Whether you're thinking of using it to cook on or for some supplemental heat, they're readily available locally. If it's import you must, consider having Mike Rappaport bring it down in his next consolidated container shipment. I think his next closing date is March 18th, but you should verify that. It would be much less expensive than using Aerocasillas. As for the liquor, can you buy it in a "duty free" shop in the airport? Regardless, there is a certain maximum amount each traveler can bring in their luggage.
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