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    securtiy issues

    Thanks a mill ! I surfed and found nice housing in Santa Ana and Heredia.. Really green and beautiful. And both seem to have international schools. Quick question: What would be the average commuting time between san pedro montes de ocas and one of these two neighbourhoods. About one hour?
  2. ptt

    securtiy issues

    Thanks. Very helpful. I was particularly worried about security issues mainly related to my son -eg. that he takes the school bus and i spend the whole day worried about kidnappings etc... I have a friend living in mexico city with a teenage daughter and she is having a very bad time because of these issues and I also know somebody in Guatemala with similar problems. I would not like to put my son in a situation where he cannot enjoy his childhood and I am constantly worried. But putting bars in the house etc is no big deal. We are actually european -i am from spain and my husband is from holland- and we lived in several european big cities and the situation is also quite bad... We live now in switzerland and our house got broken into not so long ago !!! In costa rica we would have our work place somewhere in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.. is this a good area? Do you happen to know if it is also residential with schools etc ? Again, thanks very much.
  3. Hola Somos una familia española con un niño pequeño de 5 años y tenemos la posibilidad de irnos a vivir a costa rica a causa de nuestro trabajo. Nos apeteceria mucho vivir un tiempo en costa rica pero estamos preocupados por todo lo que estamos leyendo sobre el tema seguridad. Es cierto que cada vez hay más problemas? Es la situacion como en Mexico, Nicaragua o Guatemala? Cuales son los mejores barrios para vivir? Nuestro trabajo estaria ubicado en San Pedro Montes de Oca. Hay alguna zona residencial tranquila por esa zona? y buenas escuelas para el niño? Gracias por vuestra ayuda!
  4. Hi all! We are a young family with a five year old boy and we are seriously considering moving to costa rica mainly due to professional reasons. We were very excited about the idea but we are getting a little anxious about the security situation particularly because of our young son. Is it getting more and more unsafe.. We would not like to move to such a beautiful country and then having to live in a golden cage! Advice please!

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