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  1. I was told by both the gunshop and read online that I had to be a permanent resident for five years or I needed a police report. I was a rentista for 3 years which is not considered permanent and permanent for almost two. how long were you permanent for when you applied. Thanks
  2. I am a permanent resident since May 2008, I want to get a carry permit for a gun. I just got a police clearance report from my former city in the Usa and had it notarized at the police station, do I need to now get the letter certified by the County, then the state and then the Costa Rica consulate !! this is what we had to do for immigration when we applied for our residency here. Please let me know if anyone has actually done this, I have read all the blogs out there and its all very vague.
  3. I would use a arcr attorney for real estate not a Jimenez or Golfito attorney. I live on the Osa and would not use a local one, read between the lines if you want, tread very very carefully when dealing with attorneys there is no protection for fraudulent ones, You can also use a title company like stewart title or latcorp. There is a lot of IDA land which ticos try to sell to Gringos which is illegal and would be confiscated by the goverment. I have seen many screwed up deals and money lost by expats and they always say "he seemed like such a nice man"
  4. I agree with the comments, but I also want a carry permit for my personal safety. It at least would give me an option to use it.
  5. I have permanent residency in Costa Rica, I own a tour company and have to take money to the bank. I would like to get a carry permit for a gun, I have heard conflicting versions ( What a surprise) of If I can or cannot get a carry permit, does anyone know if the rules have changed after there was a shootout with police in San Jose with some illegals carrying guns.
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