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  1. This is an interesting trade off: Gringos fleeing CR and gringos fleeing the US, passing in the night like two freight trains headed for stations on opposite sides of the world. The net difference should tell whether the CR bubble maintains for the short term or not. In my opinion, all bubbles are going to end sooner or later though, and it has nothing to do with normal supply and demand, and everything to do with planned obsolescence. Bubbles by nature are artificial and contrived, and they are not meant to maintain indefinitely. They are designed to cause a window to open where knowledgeable speculators can get in, make money, and get out before the amateurs get in at the end.
  2. I agree John. Much better to rent, take your time, and get your ear to the ground to find the real bargains in a place you'd really like to settle. Besides, the RE market has a long way to go to unwind from the Bubba Bubble Debacle. If there is a bottom to this we won't find it in measurements of time. I think it will be in measurements of dollars. We need to unwind back to the prices before any of the cheap credit ramped this thing up into Sport Real Estate.
  3. Something to keep in mind: Asking prices do not necessarily reflect selling prices. Asking prices may more often reflect the lag in belief and the lag in adjusting to real world conditions. Lots of properties are waiting and waiting and waiting for prices to rebound. I don't think so, but the owners cannot face that possibility without melting down.
  4. Orgánicos de los EE.UU. (a través de Argentina) http://www.yerba-mate.com/
  5. Well, BINGO, somebody just hit a nail on its head. Neighborhood counts. In the case you are referencing the Guats are a very large threat to the health and safety of Belizeans. I was there a few months ago when a friend of mine (a tour guide) got robbed at gun point. So did the touristas he was shuttling. The guns were not pop guns either - they were AK47s, and toted by several insurgent Guats. That was at a tourist spot up on Mountain Pine Ridge. It is not an isolated incident. The Guats are cutting down large forests in Toldeo district and the Belize Defense Force cannot stop them. Yes, neighbors count. I find it to be a great contrast in style from the Belizean style (pirates, colonialism, military) to CR's style. jp
  6. Muy ...... ummmm ..... wow.
  7. Anybody notice that the Medicare liability is four times larger than SS?
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