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    Forum Upgrade

  2. JunglePaul

    Social Security

    Imagine that you mistyped the account number. With no security the deposit could go through to the wrong account. With security it would not. It would bounce and you would have to try again. I'm sure money laundering is on their minds too.
  3. JunglePaul

    Escazu in bubble

    This is an interesting trade off: Gringos fleeing CR and gringos fleeing the US, passing in the night like two freight trains headed for stations on opposite sides of the world. The net difference should tell whether the CR bubble maintains for the short term or not. In my opinion, all bubbles are going to end sooner or later though, and it has nothing to do with normal supply and demand, and everything to do with planned obsolescence. Bubbles by nature are artificial and contrived, and they are not meant to maintain indefinitely. They are designed to cause a window to open where knowledgeable speculators can get in, make money, and get out before the amateurs get in at the end.
  4. This is the party that guarantees naked fire dancers, right?
  5. JunglePaul

    Anyone used Rosetta Stone?

    Good advice, I think, Jerry. To me it can't hurt to pick one skill area, say vocabulary, and build it a little at a time while not in the Spanish language environment. But having a vocabulary is only one skill, and it can't bail you out when you need to articulate a matter that involves more than simplistic concepts. Same for conjugating verbs. It's a helpful skill to build, but it is still only one skill. Once you get out of present tense things do become a bit more sticky. Pronunciation is a whole other skill, and I see people that have spoken Spanish for years that still have no clue how to pronounce many words or individual sounds. Everybody has their own comfort level with how much they want to learn, but I don't short pronunciation as something that comes "automatically". It doesn't. Auditory recognition is another skill, and certain programs like Anna Rivera's emphasize that. Writing is another skill. To say something in writing can be intimidating even to people who speak well. They may not even know how to create the ñ letter, for instance. To get all that in one place is probably not going to happen. I like your idea of regular course work for the serious people, but I think conversational should do fine for tourists. Regular course work will get you into the grammar, the culture, the history, all of the stuff that makes the language come alive. Now if you have a way to make a hole in my schedule this fall for a course I'd like that advice next! Is that the "Just say si" advice? jp
  6. JunglePaul

    Building a house

    Kahuna no speak with forked tongue. But you must admit, Kahuna - rushing can be real fun if you don't mind buying a property whose road goes under water during the rainy season. Heck, the HOUSE might go under water too! Wheeeeee .... fun. Look at the fun. To think that you would miss that fun just to take your time. Tsk tsk ... get out and live. So I know a guy that bought a jungle property (35 acres with fruit trees and year round creek) during the dry season. Then, to his surprise, when the rains arrived he could not get in and out of his half mile long driveway even with a 4x4. He couldn't do it even with a horse. He thought he might be able to do it with a burrow, but couldn't find one before he left for the US, never to return. He had a lot of fun with that, I tell ya.
  7. John, you think the people that barely qualified at $600 are golden geese? I don't. I think perhaps it draws some people that have become burdens to CR. I think they are trying to find the balance between maximizing foreign reserves and minimizing social problems. I don't know that to be the fact, but since Belize set their pensionado requirement at $2k I look at CR as having the more balanced approach. Belize also will not let you import a car that is older than 3 years. You would think that these strict rules indicated a glut of gringos in Belize wouldn't you? Not really. They could use more foreign reserves but they got some bad advice on how to maximize the situation.
  8. JunglePaul

    Escazu in bubble

    I agree John. Much better to rent, take your time, and get your ear to the ground to find the real bargains in a place you'd really like to settle. Besides, the RE market has a long way to go to unwind from the Bubba Bubble Debacle. If there is a bottom to this we won't find it in measurements of time. I think it will be in measurements of dollars. We need to unwind back to the prices before any of the cheap credit ramped this thing up into Sport Real Estate.
  9. JunglePaul

    The volcano effect

    I was thinking about real estate in proximity to Arenal volcano, or any other volcano, and was wondering what the rule of thumb is for selecting a site that won't have problems from ash, etc. Certainly the prevailing winds are a factor. Distance is a factor. This is a new problem on me and the archives do not have anything helpful. For all I know there are "no build" zones around volcanoes. Seems sensible. But what are the rules of thumb?
  10. JunglePaul

    Online Banking

    Yipes, when did they release that??? I've been doing updates as they've pinged me, but never got above 3.0.13 until right now (I launched a check manually.) Oh, wait, I think I declined once. Aha, what I did was to decline "Never" probably, and it never bugged me about 3.5 but kept bugging me about 3.0. Whew ... case closed. Next time I post will be from 3.5. I'm sure you will see the difference. It will enhance my ability to string together two thoughts.
  11. JunglePaul

    Escazu in bubble

    Something to keep in mind: Asking prices do not necessarily reflect selling prices. Asking prices may more often reflect the lag in belief and the lag in adjusting to real world conditions. Lots of properties are waiting and waiting and waiting for prices to rebound. I don't think so, but the owners cannot face that possibility without melting down.
  12. BTW, I found that "pensionado AND rentista AND 2009 site:http://forums.arcr.net/" only returned the latest posts for 2009, which may be a good way to limit the search by date. I notice also that there are still annoying hits to non-arcr forum pages. The Internet is like the Wild West. I don't think anybody can find a technology to get rid of spam and advertising schemes. The other thing that Internet search technology can't do is find misspellings unless you use a LIKE operator. I know of no way to use LIKE or to go case sensitive. Does anybody know how to force that round ball into the square hole?
  13. Thanks, PB, this post should be pinned. Nice touch with the boolean operators. It's nice to know that some, not all, attorneys have the smarts to be geeks. Now if we geeks could keep ourselves from miscombobulating the law ......
  14. Apparently the new laws can be touched again before final publishing. Here's a quote from AM Costa Rica today: "Once Arias signs the law, it will be sent to the La Gaceta official newspaper for publication. Those interested in the topic will study the published law closely to see if lawmakers inserted any last-minute changes. They sometimes do." This is quite interesting since they had to delete the clause about the new dollar requirements being retroactive. We know somebody wants them to be retroactive. I would think the chances of such a last minute change would be slim to none, but I'd still check that final text. I guess if we see suspicious time elapse before Arias signs it, then the radar will lock on, and all night vision goggles will be mounted.
  15. JunglePaul

    Online Banking

    Use a different browser. I doubt that you're using the new 3.0.13 Firefox or IE6. IE7 may be an issue, or an old Firefox. I don't think blocking popups would be the issue, but sometimes we set security in our browsers in such a way as to make life hard on certain sites without realizing why it is not working.

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