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  1. Hello Folks, I wrote few lines about Estate Planning and this article will be published in a monthly bulletin. I will just copy and paste it here so you can read it and revise your personal case. Hope it helps you to organize your assets and avoid future issues. Oscar ARE YOU PREPARED? Most people don´t take one minute to think about the future of their estate in the event that they die or are unable to manage it themselves. Perhaps this is because it forces us to think about death, incapacity, disability or sickness, situations that we don´t have to face but we are not exempt from. The fact is, we are human beings, and death could happen at any time. If you are one of the it-won’t-happen-to-me types, you must consider an estate planning strategy right now, regardless of your age, health condition, marital status, or the size and complexity of your estate. An estate plan is a process in which an individual, couple, or family arranges the management and distribution of assets in anticipation of death or incapacity. A well-structured plan not only involves the writing of a will, it also includes a financial, tax, medical, and business plan. With an estate plan you eliminate uncertainties over the administration and distribution of your assets after your incapacity, disability, or death. That said, you may now ask, what can I do to organize my assets? Simple, you could have several estate planning solutions but the most recommendable solution is a will or living trust. The will is one of the most common alternatives with a few inconveniences: court involvement, high legal and appraisal fees, and a time-consuming process. Having at least a will, your wishes can be honored and a judge or your survivors will not be left to wrestle for a piece of the cake (your estate). The second option, a living trust, doesn´t require court involvement; the trust fees are reasonable; there are no appraisal fees; the process to have the beneficiaries in possession of the assets is quicker and easier than the probate process; it doesn´t require a lot of official certifications and translations to be recognized as beneficiary, as in the probate process ; the assets are managed for your benefit during your lifetime, and the assets are transferred to your beneficiaries upon your death or disability. I decided to write these few lines because in the last eight months three cases have called my attention, three foreigners who had bought properties in Costa Rica some years ago passed away but did not have an estate plan for their assets in Costa Rica. Now their families are going thru the probate process in a foreign country, in a different language, with a lot of money in legal fees and paperwork, tedious visits to the consulate or fair tickets, etc.. In essence, the “Pura Vida” lifestyle has become a complete nightmare to them.
  2. Hello, Although your corporation is inactive (just title holder-no running biz), you must pay certain tax o stamp which is AKA Impuesto de Educacion y Cultura. It is due in March of every year. In the worst scenario, you will have to pay $20 which nothing. Oscar
  3. Hello, Pan is 100% right. You should contact an attorney to review preliminarily the title to the property or perform a detailed due diligence.
  4. Hello, A concession is basically a lease agreement with the corresponding municipality. Not in all cases, the term of the concession is 25 years so you should pull a title report from the registry to make sure the expiration date. Before buying a concession, my recommendation is to perform a very detailed due diligence: 1) Pull a title report of the concession land form the registry. From this document you can get more information and move forward with the due diligence. 2) Review of the zoning plan of the place wherein the concession is located. If the concession that you are planning to buy is within the residential area per the zoning plan, you must follow certain rules about density, building height, footprint, setbacks, etc. 3) Review the terms and conditions of the concession contract and its amendments. This is very important because you can see the rules of the game (commitments, fees, deadlines, etc. of the concession) 4) It is recommendable to review the concession before the maritime zone of the corresponding municipality to make sure that the concession does have any problems and that fee (canon) are up to date. 5) If you are buying a concession thru a corporation, please keep in mind the limitations in regards to the ownership established by the maritime law. I hope this may be useful for you. Thanks.
  5. is creating new biz opportunities.....

  6. Hello Folks! In my experience as attorney, I have often seen people in troubles or running at the last minute because their title or corporate documents are not in order. I do not think you want to be in trouble because of this. As a preventive measure, you should double check if yours are ok. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. Cheers, Oscar Avila
  7. Hello, You are still interested, please send me a MP. Oscar
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