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  1. Newby

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    We have INS insurance and use Clinica Biblica a lot and we have been very satisfied with the service; also we use Cima at times but it seems to be more like a US hospital. I want to try the Caja for routine things and prescriptions but haven't gotten that far yet. Pura Vida!!!
  2. update email address

  3. We have been living here for 1 year and are residents; you get a discount on using Interbus of 10% and also on the small airplanes that go from San Jose to different locations. Health insurance is very reasonable here for national or extra coverage policies. I don't know of any other discounts. Good luck!
  4. Thank you to all for your comments, it doesn't sound too bad. We do have full coverage and will have to check into it a little further. Thanks again this forum is great tool to get info. Newby
  5. Does anyone out there have road service thru INS for their car? Thanks,
  6. Just got a new CR cell phone, can't access the VM's, help!! I do have the Pin number.
  7. Newby

    Costa Rica hospitals

    Hi, Where is the Catholica Hospital located? Thanks for the info. I just had a procedure at Clinica Biblica and was extremely satisfied and my surgeon was excellent and I would highly recommend him, Dr. Wilbert Lopez, Cardiologist Surgeon. Thank you, Sandra
  8. Newby

    Costa Rica hospitals

    Hi Peter, I just had a heart catherization at Clinica Biblica and am extremely happy with care, hospital and my surgeon, Dr. Wilbert Lopez Ruiz, he is an excellent surgeon and very dedicated to the patient. His number is 506-2291-3148, email is: lopezrwmd@racsa.co.cr and he has an office in Sabana Park area and also @ Cima Hospital, he did my procedure @ Clinica Biblica and Dr. Wu Chin,an internist @ Clinica Biblica,phone 506-2522-1000 Ext 2305 or 1460, email carlos.wuchin@gmail.com, helped set it up. I can't say enough about these two Doctors, they are exceptional. Anything else I can help with just email me @ rcombs1@tampabay.rr.com. Sandra
  9. Has your container shipped and arrived in Costa Rica? We would appreciate any info as we will be doing this in about 9-12 months. Thanks! Newby
  10. Newby

    US address when we move

    Thanks everyone for the info on mail forwarding, I think I have it taken care of. It seems to be working so far and the key seems to be only get first class mail try avoiding receiving packages (the cost can be substantial). Cheers Everyone!
  11. We took our documents to the Embassy in Washington Dc last Oct 08, we had everything just like they requested and it was a very easy process, we were approved for our cedula the following June 09. We did go thru a CR lawyer but the ARCR has been very helpful also. We are now happily living in CR waiting for our home to be constructed. Good Luck!
  12. Hello, We are currently in Tamarindo, Costa RIca and enjoying our stay! Cheers

  13. Thank you, we picked up our cards today just as instructed, so next we will apply for the CAJA and we have arranged to take someone along that speaks Spanish to assure that we can get thru the process, this is our last thing to do, a big Thank You! Newby

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