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  1. Oh, it's not for us, really. It's for all of those gringos-wanna-be-ticos in Tamarindo drinking Imperial while they wait for football to come on the big screen TV, or while they wait for the waves to get smaller so they can "surf". It could be a weekly engagement, say, Sundays from 9am-1pm, with a second show from 5-10pm. It'd be like the old days with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin, except in shorts and flip-flops, and with lots of beer instead of cocaine.
  2. It's too bad the copious amounts of eloquent prose displayed here by David and Ron are seen by so few people. I think it would be very entertaining if these two could hold court in some gringo bar in Tamarindo, so that the rest of the world could know of their intelligent bantering and soapbox pronouncements. I would pay a cover charge to bear witness!
  3. There's a lot of water hyacinth growing in the repressa near Orosi. You can use a net or a pole with something on the end to grab some plants. To control it's spread in a small pond like a swimming pool will be easy. It has a plant cluster, and then it sends out a "runner" that's about a foot long, to start a new plant. If it's growing rapidly you can easily break off some of the plants every 2-3 weeks. Fish like to nibble on the roots that hang into the water, and the roots are a good place for fish eggs to land during spawning. If there is a reasonable amount of fish food being put into the water the plants will grow well from the waste products in the water. If the plants are in the sun they will produce a nice purple flower.
  4. I've had numerous koi ponds, and I built one for my SIL in Tres Rios. If you build the pond a few inches above the surrounding area you won't have muddy water getting into the pond, just the rain to refresh the pond. For something as small as a pond/pool, water hyacinth is not invasive. You can fish out a few pieces once a week or so and it will be fine. Water hyacinth does a very good job of filtering the water, and if you have fish, the roots are good for nibbling on and protecting baby fish. If you don't have fish food going into the pond then you don't need a bio filter. Many ponds without excessive fish, like mine, do just fine without a biofilter other than what's already provided on the surfaces of the pond and plants. Just don't increase the food/waste load all at once-you need to give the biofilter a few weeks to grow to adapt to the higher food/waste load. You can buy a water test kit for $10-15 that will tell you how your bio filter is doing. If everything is in good balance, and the pond isn't seeing direct sun all day it should stay clear. If it doesn't, increase the number of plants and surface coverage.
  5. Let's see how they feel about the ACA after they've joined CAJA and had to wait two years for a mammogram, or an MRI on an injured knee, and then six more months before surgery.
  6. There's a Tico saying that explains a lot of what is seen... "As long as the other guy is worse off than me, I'm okay."
  7. Si, Epicatt2. The response from Ticos doesn't surprise me, and I'm sure it doesn't surprise other people who know Ticolandia. Ticos do some dumb things, and have "simple", not-so-intelligent ways of thinking about some things, but they are also very willing to tease each other about these things and laugh at themselves without being mean or condescending. They can also argue about politics or soccer with great intensity, and then be laughing and hugging each other a minute later. I find this quality to be endearing. I've lived most of my life in affluent parts of NorCal, where people have an abundance of material goods, decent government, good weather and scenery, plenty of money, etc.. Then I go to CR and see all kinds of problems in the country. But we are told that Ticos are supposedly "the happiest people" on earth/in Latin America, etc. Now, how can that be?
  8. One of our Tico nephews, when he sees or hears Ticos doing some of the dumber things, like double parking in a busy traffic lane, or dumping trash into a river, he says, "Stupid Costa Ricans." He's proud to be a Tico, but he also knows that some of the Tico ways are evidence of some dumb people around.
  9. There's some background information here... https://www.facebook.com/TicoPromedio
  10. My Tica wife and I have so far watched the first 8 minutes of the video. We found it honest and straightforward, and saw nothing that we disagree with, except that generalizing about every Tico isn't accurate-there are many exceptions, but is accurate in discussing the average Tico, as it could be in describing the average Gringo, Latino, or European, etc. I don't think I'd describe the video as a "scathing" review. Maybe more like unapologetic.
  11. Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending May 25, 2014: Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000) 1 Dancing with the Stars-05/19 ABC 15657 2 DANCING W/STARS SP-5/20-05/20 S ABC 15071 3 VOICE-05/19 NBC 11704 4 VOICE-TUE-05/20 NBC 11685 5 DWS: ROAD TO THE FINALS-05/20 S ABC 11637 6 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-05/21 FOX 10525 7 Modern Family-05/21 ABC 10452 8 SURVIVOR-05/21 CBS 9548 9 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/22 R CBS 9087 10 MIDDLE, THE-05/21 ABC 7848 11 VOICE 8P 5/20-05/20 SR NBC 7517 12 Blue Bloods-05/23 R CBS 7258 13 BACHELORETTE, THE-05/19 P ABC 7174 14 SURVIVOR REUNION-05/21 S CBS 7144 15 MIKE & MOLLY-05/19 CBS 7050 16 FOX NASCAR SPRINT CUP-05/25/2014 FOX 6956 17 MAYA RUDOLPH SHOW-05/19/2014 S NBC 6842 18 American Idol TUE SP-5/20 S FOX 6757 19 Law And Order:SVU-05/21 NBC 6388 20 CHICAGO PD-05/21 NBC 6274 21 Dateline CLASSIC-FRI-05/23 P NBC 6118 22 BONES-05/19 FOX 6037 23 60 Minutes-05/25 R CBS 6016 24 FOX SPRINT CUP WNNRS CRCL-05/25 FOX 6007 25 20/20-FRI-05/23 ABC 5999 - Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.
  12. Amazon pays income, property, and/or corporate taxes in the states where they have warehouses, and of course they also pay wages there too. And Amazon pays people to build their warehouses. I suspect that most states are anxious to have businesses like Amazon setting up shop and helping their state and local economy. I hear ya on the wasteful spending... It's everywhere. Look at those windmills in CR-many millions of dollars of waste and corruption on display, but they still can't build a decent bridge or fix a pothole. I try to avert my eyes because I can't change it. Pura vida.
  13. I buy lots of stuff online, mostly Amazon. Why should something bought online that is delivered to a state be taxed any different from something that is bought in a local store? It's not a "national sales tax" because the online sales tax collected is based on each state's tax rate and the money goes to that state.
  14. WIkipedia says the US Embargo with Nicaragua lasted from 1985 to 1990. I can't find information about any other formal sanctions. Outside of that, the US isn't required to buy or sell anything from a particular country. "president" for life Ortega and his wife can buy and sell things elsewhere.
  15. It's funny how many excuses we hear for the poor roads in CR, but when you go over to Panama, the roads (that I've seen) are fine. Panama has money, and it shows in various places.
  16. I think the only people who would ever be comfortable with Danny's motives would be Danny and his cronies. To the OP, there have been a number of discussions about this topic, although I don't recall reading much about the Nicaragua option.
  17. That's why I said "might". We own two condos and a lot in CR, and it's worked out great. We did our homework.
  18. Buying isn't a nightmare. It's what might come after buying that could be a nightmare. ;-)
  19. If you are a person who is intrigued by the natural beauty of CR and the opportunities for exploring the many microclimates and Tico culture, then Tamarindo won't be of much interest to you as a place to live for longer than a week.
  20. There are a fair number of Ticos living in NorCal, Bay area. This Saturday we are going to a big fiesta for Ticos living in the area. We are friends with two other couples in San Jose, CA that are originally from Heredia.
  21. I think the pinned thread overtly expresses the negatives of buying property in CR, but it's easy to read between the lines a little and discern the mistakes, pitfalls, and other issues that should/could be avoided if one is considering buying real estate in CR. If one prefers a more "balanced" discussion about the topic, then add to this thread-because that contribution will also be part of the pinned thread. For example, many of the negative aspects that Marasox has written about could (likely) be avoided by purchasing a property in a nice condominium development, within a more appealing price range of say, $100k-$250k. If Paul did this he could grow much more than herbs. :-)
  22. I enjoyed reading Marsox's essays. I've bought and sold a number of properties, including some in CR, so while I don't agree with everything he wrote or how he went about some things, there is still much to consider from what he has shared with us. It's easy to find evidence of poorly-considered "investments" in CR real estate, particularly by foreigners, and Marsox's cautionary tales could help others avoid similar situations.
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