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  1. I am also considering selling on ebay, amazon and on my own web site. What products are duty free or where can I find that information? Also, after checking with the post office, I have found that the postal rates seem astronomical....are there other ways to send small packages to the states economically? Thanks, SunnieSadie
  2. WOW!! How naive of me....I knew that I had responsibilities unlike that in the states - but, no idea of all this. He's only been working for 2 weeks and new at the beginning that I would be renting the bedroom apartment out and that his "everyday" employment would be only temporary. I think he needs to go quickly. I got into this out of fear of being robbed...and wanted someone on the premises just to "look out for me and my things". Guess that wasn't the best idea I've come up with. Thanks for all the good info...I will follow up immediately...if not, please remember that I love chocolate cookies when you visit me in the jail for wayward employees!
  3. I have bought my home, moved in and have hired, for now, a young man to help with the gardening and some maintenance/repairs. He gave me his price - 10,000 colones/day and I have provided him a room, access to my home for use of bathroom/kitchen, TV and let him use my bicycle. I also provide his food. I have not kept a "close" check on his work hours but I know there are days that he has not worked a full 8 hours. Today, Sunday, he had breakfast and then worked part of the !morning diggin a ditch so that a water line could be placed. I was out and when I got home around 1pm, he was watching TV. During the time that I was out, I ran into a friend of his who is bilingual and well-educated. She proceeded to ask me questions about his employment and told me that I would have to pay him double time for today. I realize that I don't know what the laws are...and I don't want any more surprises. I would not have allowed him to work today if I had know that it was double time! So,my question is: where can I find out all of the laws regarding labor here? I felt that a nice room, food, etc. should count as some compensation but maybe not. Am I required to provide room and board? I want to be fair - I certainly don't want to take advantage of someone here but if I am going to pay $600/mo plus room and 3 meals a day, I will need to rethink the whole situation. Advice?
  4. I don't see much pertaining to "housekeeping" but this is driving me crazy! My laundry seems to be getting dirtier and dingier each time I wash. Stains that will not come out in the washing machine will come out if I hand scrub them. I've used several different detergents and have resorted to clorox which does no good at all. My washer is a GE but doesn't seem to agitate the way my washers in the states agitate. Of course, I'm not using hot water but then I read years back that hot water was not necessary for a clean wash. I've now started rinsing 2ce which also does no good. So, can you tell me how to wash clothes that come out looking clean?
  5. sunnysadie


    Yes, I'm an ARCR member.
  6. I just attended the local school fund raiser and took tons of pictures of the children and also of some of the men with their fancy stepping horses(still don't know what to call them). I then realized that most of my neighbors do not have the equipment or means to have pictures of themselves, families or horses...so I had some developed and gave them to my neighbors. Martin seemed especially happy to have pictures of himself on his beautiful horse! Something that I would take for granted is so appreciated by my neighbors.
  7. sunnysadie


    I will have an attorney who will represent only me....I just need some names of those that someone used and was pleased with. Will the attorney at ARCR who is handling my residency also handle any real estate transaction? I emailed ARCR 2-3 weeks ago regarding an attorney but have not received a reply. Maybe I should just call...
  8. Can anyone recommend a real estate attorney? I have the name of one recommended by the realtor....I would make sure that this attorney was representing only me in any transaction. What else should I know/do? I have read that one should have a second lawyer to check the first...is this true or was it a joke?
  9. sunnysadie


    I have asked the lady who helps me with the house...she has been a wonderful source of information and help. I'll mention it to my other neighbors...they could have friends with trucks. I never thought of the appliance store...I've bought all my appliances from the same store. Maybe they can help. Or I could ask my neighbor who has 2 horses and maybe a cart!
  10. sunnysadie


    Are there moving companies here? I need to move from Turrialba to the Caribbean coast and need 2 men and a truck Suggestions??
  11. sunnysadie

    concession property

    I'm sure this has been covered in this forum but I'm not coming up with much using the search. I'm curious about concession...I understand that this property is never actually owned and there is a risk of it being taken back by the government. That sounds risky to me but I also see the coastal homes built and being built in the maritime zone. Is it not as risky as it seems or are the people who have concession property just bigger risk takers?
  12. sunnysadie

    Steps in buying property

    Thanks for the feedback.. The reason that I want to buy is so that I can do with the property as I want. I just don't feel motivated to do much gardening, etc in a rental home. Besides, I was brought up with the idea that "everybody must own their own home" I just can't seem to "nest" in a rental. I did look at numerous built homes while I was looking at property. What I have seen so far didn't really suit my purpose. But, I am going back thru all the listings and reconsider. I don't want unsure contracts and the headaches... Is there any way to get a realistic total price for building. It seems that this could be cheaper than buying a ready built house that will need work. I will take my time....the rental is very teeny...I hope we all can fit in it...me, 2dogs and 3 cats!! Another adventure!
  13. Hi, I'm leaving for my hopefully last 72 hours across the border. I plan to drive to Sixoala, enter Panama and stay my 72 hours. I've never done this before and would like as much info as you have as to the procedure, what to expect and what to do. I may as well use this as a fun time...so what's fun to do across the border? Thanks
  14. OK, I've decided to buy property in Costa Rica...and I've picked the area that I want to try. I like the Caribbean....and I have read a lot of reasons for not living there but I have my own reasons for living their. So, I've rented a little beachhouse and will try it. In the meantime, I'm going to look at property. That will give me some orientation to the area and the neighborhoods, land prices, cost of living, etc. I'm wondering what all I should do in order to purchase land and build. I want to know in advance of the actual deed so that I'll know all what I'm in for. What I know is to get a good attorney, have the land surveyed, make sure of the buildability of the area, access to water/electricity. Then to build I will need architect and a competent builder. What else should I consider/do?? Am I on the right track?? Suggestions??? Thanks in advance

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