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  1. I agree that Yoga, Tai Chi or other meditative practices are essential. But sometimes, pushing yourself (and body) beyond what you thought was possible is quite rewarding. After doing interval training, my cardiovascular health has never been better. Before, a simple hike or a climb up a long flight of stairs would have me winded. Now, I can do much more. You do have to listen to your body - and your age and current physical condition must be considered. Just my humble opinion. Emily
  2. Hello! As I am getting older myself, I am learning the value of staying in shape as well. I think some type of Yoga practice in essential to retain flexibility of the muscles. I started about two years ago and it has made such a difference in my life. My posture is better, it is easier to move and bend, and I am less sore after a hard workout. Not to mention that is a great stress reliever! I also do a lot of interval training - where I alternate 5 minutes of high intensity training (where you can barely catch your breath!!) and 5 minutes of low intensity (like weight lifting) for about an hour each day. After doing this for a year or so, I have lowered my blood pressure. And who can forget just outdoor sports in general! Hiking and swimming are the best. One day I hope to be lucky enough to live in CR and enjoy all the beauty the country has to offer. Great topic - I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts! Emily
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