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  1. I am super-duper-uber jealous. good for you!
  2. Is this all? I already have these documents. Do I need an appointment, or just to go at 0-dark-thirty in the morning and wait? lol
  3. I am completely clueless when it comes to legal matters. I have been online for a few months now, and talking to people about Power of Attorney. Many people refer to it as a form, but I have been unable to locate one online that applies to gathering required documents for residency. A couple of people told me that it is just a letter giving permission for someone to handle certain affairs which the letter outlines. Is this true? I need two POAs for my mother to help me gather things from the U.S. for me and my partner. If it is not simply a letter written by me, where can I aquire these documents?
  4. Costa Rica Goddess

    Cell Phone Service

    I'm not sure if its a change or not, but there are waiting lists for GSM as of right now, but they are trying to open up lines by cutting off service after one day overdue payments. And supposedly there will be a few more competitors for ICE in the spring of next year...
  5. I have a friend that has a daughter with dual citizenship. My friend and her daughter entered CR on their U.S. passports, but at the airport, were told that because the daughter was a minor and Costa Rican, she had to have permission from the CR Consulate to leave the country. Crazy place -- what about Pura Vida???
  6. With the way people drive here, I'm surprised to learn that they even HAVE a test, let alone classes! LOL
  7. My daughter was born in San Jose at San Juan de Dios on May 9th. I am exhausted from a variety of things, but the thing that wears me out the most is running in these ridiculous circles and waiting for hours to be told I need to do it at some other building or office. This is terribly stressfull for not only me, but my daughter, who needs to be hauled around on these various and seeminly never-ending excursions. Is there someone out there who can help me? I have a zillion questions, and limited time on my maternity leave. I would rather spend it enjoying my daughter, so anyone who can help save me some time and trips would be forever appreciated. Some Questions I have: Do we NEED a lawyer to file this paperwork? I'm sorry that I seem cynical, as I normally am a very happy person, but it seems like no one anywhere knows anything, even if it is the person's JOB to know. I don't want to take a gamble and end up paying someone scads of cash to not know how to do their job. What paperwork do I need? I have been told by many people that I only need proof of her birth here in Costa Rica and identification for her father and I. Is this true? Other people have said that I need to have many different documents certified three different times by three different agencies. My daughter has two half-brothers that were born in the U.S. but have been living here for three years with their mother. Is it true that they, too can obtain residency and be allowed to go to school here? *sigh* I apologize for the rant. I feel better, but can someone please help me? I am completely frustrated and losing hope.
  8. I feel so completely lost. My daughter was born in CR on May 9th and I am currently on leave from my the job I was working at without a permit. I am so frustrated by the way things get (not) done, and I am wondering if you can help. My partner is not Tico, so I don't know if it would be different for us, but do you know what kind of papers we need to secure our residency with just one child that is a Costa Rican citizen? I am currently trying to reach lawyers as well, but I am wondering if they are even necessary. The truth is, I cannot really afford one, as I have been living as a Tica for more than a year now, and have no source of economic assistance (family, friends, etc.) I would rather be enjoying my daughters first months of life, but I feel so stressed out by trying to cart her around and chasing what seems to be a unicorn from ofice to office and fila to fila. HELP!

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