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    Construction - PEX Water Tubing

    Hi John, I went to Lowe's the other day and I see they have the same system for ridgid copper. Quick and easy, no solder joints. Topock is where Interstate 40 crosses the Colorado River. As far as the highest temp , 16 years ago at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin,NV , 136 degrees, and we were paving the parking lot that day ! I know it also gets hot at the Salton Sea(Smelly Sea) as well. Rumor has it that the Devil got Hell and Arizona in a land deal and said AZ was to damn hot and thats why "THE DEVIL LIVES IN HELL ! I have a excavating business. I start work at 4:30 am and the days over by 11:00 am. As you know, everbody thinks it's a dry heat but when the monsoon season arrives it gets as humid as CR at times with a higher heat. Wayne
  2. Wayne 546

    Construction - PEX Water Tubing

    I guess I forgot mention when you push the tube in, you release the little cuff on the fitting and pull out the tube. Much like an air chuck fitting. We have earthquakes here as well and still no leaks and we run 60 psi plus pressures. I also use a similar fitting on my dump truck and it runs at 120 psi with desert heat of 120 degrees plus. I live in Topock Az "The Screen Door to HELL" Wayne
  3. Wayne 546

    Construction - PEX Water Tubing

    Jim, No tools needed! I recently did a PEX job in the U.S. using push together fittings. Simple and easy! Just cut the tubing square and push into the fitting. Teeth and a o-ring hold and seal the tube. Oops, made a mistake, simply push the tube once more and it releases the fitting. I live in Arizona on the California border and we also have earthquakes. So far, so good ! I purchased the fittings at Home Depot and Lowe's. I know you dont have them there, but the fittings do exist. Wayne
  4. Wayne 546

    My dental vacation

    After researching all the Costa Rica forums for about two years now, I finnaly got up enough nerve to take the big step and fix my neglected teeth. I've had people tell me that I was crazy to go to a third world country to have this work done, but I said the hell with it, and took the chance anyway. Being a very frugal (cheap) person, it also helped sway my decision to have the work done in CR. I mentioned searching the forums for the right dentist. How I did this was to see how many times a certain dentist would appear, and then see how many people would add to the posting in a pro or con response. By using this method it helped me make my decision. So I booked my flight for Jan 26th and proceeded to take the plunge. As it was I was also able to sit in on the ARCR seminar for a half a day. The speakers were excellent, especially Les Nunez and Charlie Zoeller. For me Charlie was a wealth of knowledge for the fact that he was able to inform me about the shipping of heavy construction equipment and the duty taxes involved, plus how little money was to be made in the field of contracting and trucking. (they work equipment for peanuts down there). After studying Costa Rica's laws on residency for the last two years, and now getting to talk to an expert in the field of moving, trucking and contracting, as Charlie is, I have come to the decision that a move to Costa Rica at this time would be out of the question. But, renting a place for 90 days or so, and just being a visitor, would be more my cup of tea. I regret not being able to attend the rest of the seminar, but , as I mentioned, this was a dental vacation! I arrived at the airport at noon on the 26th, and low and behold, here was my dentist with a sign with my name on it, to pick me up. Not bad, huh... I was shocked to see a 28 year old, reddish blonde haired knockout for a dentist waiting for me. I was expecting to see a short, fat,kinky haired woman with thick glasses and facial hair. Boy was I suprised ! This made it alot easier to take the pain !! We went right to her office in Escazu and she went right to work on my teeth. For 7 days she worked on my teeth ! Five to six hours a day ! The list included; cleaning, xrays, 16 fillings(many were tiny pin holes), trueing my teeth, 7 extractions, 1 oral surgery, flouride treatment, gum scrape, bleaching and impression molds of my mouth. I was hoping to have crowns put on my broken teeth, but the root was decayed and it was not possibile. So I now have to have 4 implants installed ( thats teeth, not boobs!) in about 45 days or so. So that means a return trip. The worst experience of the whole ordeal was the bleaching. She takes a plastic spreader and places it in your mouth thus rolling your lips back to expose your teeth. (kinda looks like a largemouth bass when you hold em by the lower lip) An hour and fourtyfive minutes worth, and it "SUCKED". But it was a must, because you need to match the color for the new crowns. Enough of that, now I'll give you the name of this fantastic dentist. Her name is Dra. Evelyn Contreras Rodriquez. She is located in Escazu, next to Lamm's (its a butcher shop) across from Mas x Menos. The name of the clinic is Gest Salud. Evelyn is a truely gifted dentist and was very meticulus, clean and has a gentle touch. I would reccomend her to anyone !! As for the implants, Evelyn is using a local expert in the implant field named Dra. Selena Cubero. Selena was there when the extractions were being done so that she could assess the bone structure. I passed with flying colors ! Selena also sat down with me and explained the whole procedure along with the time frame it would take to do the implants. Both doctara's were very professional ! If the moderator dosen't erase it Evelyn's phone number is 506 847 6594. If you call out of the country the country code is 011. She will be advertising in the El Residente magazine soon and will be offering discounts to ARCR members. I'll let you know how I make out with the implants next time. Wayne P.S. Contact me at my E-mail if need be for more info.
  5. Wayne 546

    Seminars ?

    Hi Guys, I'm coming down to CR in late Jan. for dental work. I would like to attend the seminars on the 27th and 28th. I need to know the name of the hotel where they are being held and what time they start ? Also, how many hours a day are they ? Do I need to make reservations for the seminars ? Thanks, Wayne
  6. Wayne 546


    I purchased it at any Farmacia in CR. In SJ there were many places to buy it. Also try the generic called Sildenifil. They were much cheaper and comes with two in the pack, for less than Viagra. You can buy 50 mg or 100 mg depending how much bang for your buck you want. Make sure your heart can handle it !! Wayne
  7. Wayne 546


    A prescription for Viagra is not needed. I picked it up in Samara, Jaco and San Jose and did not have a problem buying it over the counter. Grrrrrreat Stuff !!!!! Wayne
  8. Wayne 546

    Seeking advice for a succesful trip

    A friend and I made the same trip last Nov/Dec for 8 days. We rented a Kia Sportage from Dollar Rental Car (4wd by the way) for about $400 for the 8 days. Dont expect a lot of power and almost all rentals in CR are manual transmission. We got out of the rental place and headed to La Fortuna, below Arenal. Found a reasonabley priced cabin with a veiw of the volcano for $40 a night including breakfast. The next day we went to Tabacon, sat in 102 degree water at the bar and got drunk, twice in one day. It cost about $19 for each of us for the whole day. Dont know what it cost to get drunk and didnt care!! That afternoon we pressed on to Tilaran and spent the night at the Hotel Guadalupe for $28 a night w/breakfast also included. Nice little room for the money. Headed to the Pacific coast the next day and spent the night in Tamarindo. We liked Tam. Try to get there on Tue. They have open mic night at the Hotel Pasatiempo every Tue. and have a fantastic collection of local musical talent. Had an excellent time there. $55 a night at the Tropicana w/bf. We enjoyed driving the coastal roads and crossed many streams and the Lagarto river at one point. Water got a little deep at that crossing but our trusty rice rocket powered its way through it . Just remember "Lotsa Speed, No Control " is my motto! We went on to Nosara, Samara, then to Jaco. In Jaco we stayed at the Hotel Roblemar for two nights. The owner, Hugo, a prince of a guy, was very helpful and set us up with 5 hr fishing trip for $250 for the 2 of us, including beer, soda and lunch along with a taxi ride to and from the boat. Caught 7 Dorado the largest being 40 lbs. Had a great time in Jaco !! I guess what I'm trying to tell you that take your trip with no itenerary and fly by the seat of your pants. You wont regret it. We met many Expats in bars and learned many things about CR. We also stopped at lots of little tiny villages and had a beer in what seemed to be somebodys house and would learn lots there as well. ( by the way, every little village had a soccer field and a bar with a Imperial Beer sign) Dont try to see all of CR the first trip. I am returning around Thanksgiving for another 8 days to see more of the country. As far as getting info about living in CR there are a lot of CR forums you should join. You will get far better results than absorbing your vacation time in CR. Also I thought Monteverde was a waste of time and was told that by a customer at the rental place. I wished I would have listened to him ! The veiw on the way up was great, but the canopy skywalk sucked. Monteverde was a tourist trap with high prices and lousy roads. Dont waste much time in San Jose either. Not much to see and is dangerous at night !! If you need a map, try www.berndtson.com Plastic coated and very good detail for about $9.50. Gotta go now, have fun. Wayne
  9. Thank you, It was offline for 2 days due to a technical problem on their end, but it returned on March 13. This time it was not an AOL problem as it usually is. Wayne
  10. Not to mention that good ole Walt has been dead for some thirty years and we'd have to dig him up. But even in a decomposed state I think he could do a better job than what we have now! Wayne
  11. Does any one know what happened to their website? I've tried for the last two days to find it, but no luck. I read it every day and I miss it!! I do'nt think its an AOL problem again because I can log on to other websites in CR with no problem. Thanks Wayne
  12. Wayne 546

    Foods in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican cuisine varies quite a bit from breakfast to dinner. A typical Costa Rican dish consist of; RICE, BEANS AND..... EGGS. RICE, BEANS AND ......CHICKEN. RICE, BEANS AND......FISH. RICE, BEANS AND .....PORK. RICE, BEANS AND....... BEEF. GET THE DRIFT!!!!!!! Hope you like RICE AND BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On second thought, how about RICE, BEANS AND BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLATULENTLY YOURS WAYNE
  13. Wayne 546

    Beer in Costa Rica

    I think they were 12 oz bottles. Pilsen taste more like Coors Gold to me. As far as dutch beer I know very little about beer other than I get "REAL STUPID" and I pee an awful lot when I drink em!!!!!!! Wayne
  14. Wayne 546

    Beer in Costa Rica

    I like Pilsen better than Imperial, Less bitter! Watch out for glass chips in the mouth of the bottle. Also, dont drink the last little bit in the bottom of the bottle. I did and got a small hunk of glass in my mouth, spit it out and cut my lip! The reason for the chips is that the bottles are reused many times and chip somtimes when they are recapped. If you get one that is chipped, dont drink it, give it back to the bartender and ask for another! P.S. If you go to the El Presidente Hotel in San Jose, ask the bartender about the guy that can stick a beer bottle on the wall! Have lotsa fun , I did !!!!! Wayne
  15. Wayne 546

    Help with travel plans

    Hey Teek, I noticed that a word was changed in my previous post. That word needs explaining. When I lived in AZ we would have upwards of 20 WILD BURRO's come off the desert every night. We fed them for 2 years. When we moved we adopted 4 of them from the Bureau of Land Management and brought back to NY. Being very talented with mathematics 4 turned in to 13 in about 5 years. We have 36 acres in the Catskills and we keep them as pets, nothing else. So when I use the reference CLEAR UP TO YOUR A-S AND STILL SNOW'IN its in the LITERAL SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note; the genus for the Burro is " ASSININE" Wayne

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