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  1. i have heard (rumor) that he is the son of a CR judge, hence, the attention.
  2. Ya know I must has slept through that class when I got my MBA. Of all the indicators of financial problems, a glut of used car ads did not seem to be on the list. I do not enjoy useless predictions of doom, especially with zero basis in the facts. CR might have a problem, but an excess of used car ads is not one of them. Let us consider the good things we have. That is what the Ticos do. They are not worried about impending financial collapse and you probably should not either.
  3. **************************

  4. Hi, I have been using CR CD's for 4 years now. I'm not sure I'm doing everything correctly, but I have been trying to do what the IRS wants done. This is what I go on, subject to new input: - If you have more then $10,000 in deposits outside the US, you need to use a special form to report these deposits to the IRS. Failure to do so can result in major penalties. - CD interest is passive (unearned) income and is *not* covered by the $95K "foreign earned income exemption." It's taxable from the first dollar. - CD interest income is "realized" when the coupon matures (even if you don't cash it in!). No avoiding this by reinvesting (2 year CD's may help a little). - I "think" the built in 8% CR tax on the CD interest is deductible on your US taxes as "Foreign taxes paid." I called the IRS and asked about this and they said yes, but this is my first year claiming it, so the Jury is still out on that one. - If you have questions, call the IRS. You may need to call more than once as the wait times can be long. I thought they were surprisingly helpful. Jim
  5. Gee, you learn something every day.... All this time I had thought continents were determined by the movement of tectonic plates. See how wrong I was? Jim
  6. I HAD been thinking that we might have made the wrong choice in buying, but was reminded by a friend of a time not too long ago when you could not find anything to rent as things were going crazy and rents were very high. So, keep in mind that one of the reasons to buy (instead of renting) is to provide a stable situation. Always a tough call, but not a decision you need to rush. Jim
  7. I searched for "irs selling foreign property" found this: http://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/blog/expat-taxes-buying-selling-real-estate-abroad/ It looks like it's handled just like the property was in the USA. There is a 1.5% transfer tax in CR. I'm no expert, but the info is on line.
  8. That sounds like a rather un-scientific, very broad statement. The last time I looked out my window, there were still a few people left in town. But, then again, if you read it, it must be true. Why do you paint with such a broad brush?
  9. It might be fun, but it's not a replacement for a car. Jim
  10. I can't say I know this fruit, but I will look for it. I want to point out that all fats are not automatically bad. Some fats, in limited quantity, are very healthy and necessary. Just as there is good and bad cholesterol, there are good and bad fats. I've read a little on this and it's not clear which are good or bad. In general animal fats are bad, but I'm not sure if all fruit type fats are considered good. This does not mean eat all you want as you still get the calories! Jim
  11. My wife and I had discussed this before. How was it that with two grown children, a debt free existence and two stable and well paying jobs, that we executed a plan to sell off all we owned, quit our jobs and resettle in CR? The answer is simple: life sucked! We were working way too hard, living unhealthy lifestyles and there was no end in sight (at age 55). Basically when the pain gets high enough, the decision gets very easy. Do your home work (residency, income, life plan), simplify your life in preparation and the time will come when you can say yes with real certainty. Good luck! Jim
  12. By retiring to CR, my weight is now normal (lost about 70 pounds), no more antidepressants (after 20 years on two meds), My cholesterol is no longer an issue (also after 20 years on two meds). I didn't need to try hard to pull this off. Life here just made it happen. I think I actually drink more here, but due to the lifestyle (food and exercise) I have turned my health around. The north american lifestyle and workstyle have become a cause of illness. People were not meant to work or eat the way they do now (at least in the US). In my case, "metabolic syndrom" was cured by getting off the hamster wheel and retiring to CR as otherwise I would have been working for at least another 10 years if I/we had stayed in the US. For what it's worth... Jim
  13. Please forgive my sense of humor... We want to talk metaphysics, but can't figure out how to send a PM? No insult (I had to google "metaphysics" when this discussion started) intended, but that's funny! (A different) Jim
  14. Please forgive my bluntness. For the large majority of people relocating to CR, The starting funds and on-going income(not loans) needs to support your existence. It is not wise to borrow your way to CR. Rents are cheap. Jim
  15. With a great deal of respect to the local craftsmen; if you step outside of their normal construction styles and/or methods, chances are, things WILL go wrong. If you want the local craftsmen to make you a house, don't ask them to try "something new" as it will create issues! Jim
  16. Eleano has this right. "when in Rome, build what the Romans build." Yes, you can have open concept, one floor living using the accepted local construction style. If you try to build something the locals are not familiar with you will have a large number of opportunities for things to go wrong as the local builders will not have the needed experience. Tied to this is the social practice of saying "yes" to your request and questions when they don't understand/agree. They will then proceed to do things as they see fit. Also, from past experience, I have learned NOT to build something that will limit your resale opportunities. The day will come when you living requirements change and you will GREATLY limit your potential buyers pool if you build any type of non standard construction. It is already quite hard to sell property here, Don't compound this problem. Also, you should include a nice porch in your design as the locals do. Good luck! Jim
  17. TG, RE: young expats,

    Found this from a link listed in this weeks Residente magazine:



  18. We stayed there about 3 years ago. Rooms were a little small, but otherwise it was fine. Good food, clean and good staff.
  19. Since you are going to start in san jose, where bus transit is quite good, spend some time shopping and getting to know the used car market. Keeping a car in SJ can be a pain. Maybe you buy one month before moving out. I bought a 2 year old Terios 4 wheel drive for $12,000. And yes, cars don't come cheap. Basic liability insurance is $200/yr and annual registration is about $...

  20. Hi Paul, I'm so happy to hear that the menu sounds so appetizing. And as you said: Norman, will be cooking up his tasty renditions of Tex-Mex victuals for us so get your RSVPs in asap to me and don't miss out. He will also be fixing a little something special for our group that is not on the menu. The restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and is 50 meters south of the Post Office in Alajuela Centro. ______________________________________________________ Following this astronomical delight, will the absolutely shamefully performance of the website for the past six months be on the menu? If not, what of any importance could we possibly want to discuss? Sorry Paul, I had to say this. You DO a great service. Thanks Jim
  21. I'm a bit of an engineer/geek. Please forgive my weaknesses. The concept of absolutes (i.e. Metaphysics "must" be wrong) has always put up a red flag for me: _________________________________________________________________________ FROM: http://www.pbs.org/faithandreason/gengloss/metaph-body.html Metaphysics: Derived from the Greek meta ta physika ("after the things of nature"); referring to an idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception. In modern philosophical terminology, metaphysics refers to the studies of what cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality. _____________________________________________________________________________ I graduated as an electrical engineer in 1978. Even then there were real questions in the physics community about there only being one "universe." Recent work has shown that we can pull mass/energy from "somewhere else." Let's not criticize what we do not understand or maybe, do not comprehend. Have fun Seth! Jim
  22. I fail to see your point... If your saying that those who make the choice to give up the life normally lived in USA and Canada for life in CR are somehow different from those who stay behind, don't you think you are stating the obvious? Whether they are/where liberal or conservative, do you really think many of these pilgrims were "center of the road" in either direction? I love this discussion. It's a real blast, But the author (Sydb) is stirring muck using nothing but well know, obvious concepts about what makes us EXPATS! Jim
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