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Born in Chicago. Moved to Florida at 7-yrs. Moved to California in 1970, with 2-yr. old son, after divorce. Lived in several areas in CA til 2006. San Jose Mercury News Advertising: 1978-2001. Volunteer at Ground Zero/911. Married in 2005 to my Italian/Pete, who was born & raised in Morgan Hill, CA. His parents came from Italy thru Ellis Island at the beginning of 1900. The family had a vineyard & a winery in Morgan Hill from the 1930s to 1950s. We moved from Morgan Hill to Palm Springs, to Mariposa, CA (40 miles outside Yosemite Nat'l. Park). Moved back to Florida in Dec 2006. Originally visited Port Limon while on a cruise to the Panama Canal in 2007. We only got a bird's eye view, but liked what we saw. We did our due diligence trip in Oct-Nov. 2009, attended the ARCR Seminar, took a tour of How to Live in CR & Like It with Tico Grande and said "Yes!" to living in Costa Rica. Moved here in February 2010, my Pete had a stroke in April & died in Aug. 2010, but I stayed and am so glad I did!

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