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  1. Patricia ~ Thanks for that info. I've been praying a lot these past 2-days (only found out yesterday morning), am so saddened, and a bit numb. I hope they leave no stone unturned, find Ryan alive & catch these B------s over the weekend! Barb
  2. Hello Jessica, Induna & Colin... Have taken your comments into consideration, and think your advice to "check it out" is sound, especially as the one constant here is change. I'll have the unexpected use of a car next week for 10-days and will return to Migracion during that time and ask (hope I don't speak with 2-different people & get 2-different responses). I'll post the results. On a more important note of the heart, has there been any news concerning Ryan?? AM Costa Rica is only a daily Mon-Fri. & Tico Times is published less frequently. I'll check La Nacion again now. Spoke with Hany at the Reception Desk at ARCR yesterday, and they've not been told anything. If I understood Hany correctly, even the family is in the dark.
  3. Barbs45

    Ryan Piercy Update

    Good Morning Everyone... AM Costa Rica still has no news concerning Ryan. Let's be united in our differences and pray for the safekeeping & return of Ryan to his family. He is a friend.... Thank you, Barbara
  4. Barbs45

    Kitchen Sink Cleaner

    Hi. There is a product called Potasa that works quite well, followed by a pot of boiling water (not tap). I've used it successfully in my kitchen sink & shower drains. It is in a small, white, round plastic tub with a red lid, and is found in most grocery & hardware stores. AutoMercado carries Liquid Plummer. Even so, I find it necessary to have my gardener manually clean my kitchen pipes every 2yrs. (the receptacle is out in the yard) even though I don't pour greasy substances down my drain. The pipes are smaller here & there's just a natural build-up over time. The stuff looks like styrofoam when he pulls it out of the receptacle. Yuk!
  5. Induna: Haven't been on the Forum since last week's postings, so reading your & Tom's messages is informative. However, they differ from one another, so if I can't reach Migracion or BCR by phone this week, may have to plan an all-day bus trip. If I still pay the Caja thru my ARCR membership (& am current in both areas), wouldn't I be okay? I have never been asked for my Cedula since my arrival 5-yrs. ago... As soon as I get an answer that is (hopefully) legally correct, I will post here. Everybody's been so great & helpful... Big Hugs all around!! B ~
  6. Tom ~ I was going back to FL for one of several surgeries a couple of years back and was going to be there when my Cedula expired. So, I bought a Tico Bus ticket to Panama for $40, to show proof I would be returning to the States. Well, bless their hearts, Jet Blue in Orlando said, "No problem, you've got 3-months to renew." Another "well spent" $40. My neighbor's sons own Tico Bus, but I'm now too embarrassed to ask for a refund (The ticket was missing for awhile--naturally!) Thanks for the input... so looks like I'll have another "well spent $120" this time.... oh pshaw!!! How do I make an appt. with BCR to merely renew? I can no longer find that phone number on their website, and would like to go to Plaza Royale in Alajuela, where I went last time. It's accessible by bus, and close to Jalepenos for lunch.
  7. Hi Paul ~ In responding to Reeves Tribe, you presented a question for me, too. Since I'm on-my-way-to-permanent, and have that form letter stating so, do I still have to renew my current Cedula next month? It expires on 15 Feb., and I don't go back for my Permanent Cedula for 4-months. I'd like to NOT have to give them another $120 +/- in February. Jessica: I'll send you a pvt. message shortly. Thanks for the update!!! Since I fly into Orlando, maybe we can hook-up when I return for another surgery in October....???
  8. Hi Colin ~ Thanks for the question regarding which exchange rate. I edited my original post just now; however, the rate was pretty close, so when I went to the ATM I just asked for 110,000 colones, knowing that amount would cover it. I figured it would be 107,000, but at the Migra. BCR window, they gave me 1,000 & some coins for change, so they used a slightly different rate. Easiest to calculate both & then withdraw an amount that will cover either figure. Also, I changed what Migra. returned to me. They kept the BCR deposit receipt (#2). They returned my Banco Nacional Caja payment deposit to ARCR & my little Caja receipt that I get in the mail. Oops! Now I've got to ask Paul (Epicatt2) if I have to renew my current cedula next month as it expires on 15 Feb. Since I'm in-process & have that letter from Migra., I hope I don't have to give them another $120 in Feb.... If you know the answer to that question, please feel free to respond. Indeed, I'm having a wonderful on-my-way-to-Permanent day! Thanks a bunch! Barb
  9. DanaJ.... Hope you got my pvt. message. It's actually the same as above, but I was having trouble with Paste & Post..... Colin: Failed to mention you in my "Thank you's," soooo.... THANK YOU, too!
  10. Hi Jessica.... How in the world have you been???? I've not seen or heard from you since we rode on the plane together! Remember how I almost got deported because I was waking up as we landed & listed my maiden name instead of my Mom's??!? That was a scary hour! You'd probably already gone thru Customs & never even knew..... We'll have to share a glass of wine one day & I'll relate the story. Looking back it's funny; at the time, I was almost in tears. Hope it doesn't take another 3-yrs. for the approval. Pete & I arrived on 27 Feb. 2010, and were in-process at the time for our Cedulas, but due to e'thing that happened so soon after we arrived, I didn't actually get my first Cedula until Feb. 2012, although I was approved early in 2011. Where are you now? Do you still have the Artiste Cafe? I still have your business card, but wasn't able to locate you, so gave up. Should've tried the Forum.... Pura Vida, Barb
  11. Hi Everyone & Buenos Dias! Want to thank Tom & Marcia, CRF Patricia, DanaJ, EleanorCR, & my old buddy, Paul, for all your help. Went to Migracion in LaUruca last Friday to change my Cedula Residency Status from Restricted to Permanent, & want to post info which may be helpful to others. It was almost painless (except that I made a wrong turn in LaUruca and visited a street I hope I never visit again....) 1) This type of transaction is handled between 8am & 12pm only. 2) Go to a local ATM to withdraw $200 (but in Colones) as the BCR branch at Migracion only takes the money & gives you the receipt, which is part of the required paperwork. The BCR window is all the way at the back of the complex, to your right on the walkway. NOTE 16 JAN: Due to the increments of colones the ATM gives, I withdrew 110,000 colones (the exchange rate on 09 Jan. was 539 colones to the $1.00 USD. I figured whether they used the Buy or Sell Rate, 110,000c. would be sufficient as the Sell Rate was 545c, not much difference. I figured it would be 107,000c., but my change was 1,000c. + a few coins--again, not much difference. 3) Write a brief Letter of Solicitation in Spanish (I did both & hay-stacked them on one page) including your full name, D.O.B., country of citizenship, your Passport No., Cedula No., marital status, local address, (& where you get your mail), & state something simple as to why you want to change your status. (e.g., I have lived in C/R for xxx years and would like to remain here. I respectfully request a change in status to Permanent.) 4) Take a copy of your Letter of Resolution, which must be dated 3-yrs. prior to your request for status change. It is only the Notice of Approval date that is required, not the actual date you got your hard-copy Cedula. If you went thru ARCR originally, they will have a copy in your file. 5) Take your Passport & make copies of every page that has a stamp on it. 6) Take a copy of your current Caja payment receipt. I took the little 2-part receipt as well as my Banco Nacional receipt, as I pay in person at the bank. 7) Take your Cedula & have copies of both the front & the back. Go to the BCR window first & deposit the converted $200 into the BCR account number: 242480-0. Then go back to Door #4, which you passed enroute to the BCR window. There's a large anteroom with chairs in color groups, but there's also a smaller room on the right once you're inside. Go around the corner to the smaller room & sit in the BLUE chairs. (There was only one person ahead of me.) They looked at everything, kept Items No: 2, 3, 5, & 7. Returned Items No: 4, & 6. Gave me a Form Letter titled: Direccion General de Migracion y Extranjeria, with an Expediente No. in Bold Type to show proof that my status change is in process, & told me to come back in 4-months. I was at the window about 5-minutes. There's street parking with the folks who keep an eye on your car, etc. I was there about 1-1/2 hrs. total and paid 2000 colones THAT'S IT! Hope this is helpful. Pura Vida, Barb Again.... Thanks everyone who helped make this procedure possible to do on my own! Yeeeaaaaa!
  12. CRF..... hahahahaha.... got'cha! But I've been looking for my Resolucion Notificada with no luck, so will call ARCR. It's 9:30 already--better get goin'! BTW, does the Letter of Solicitation have to be in Spanish and English? I only did it in English.....
  13. Hi... Thanks, Colin & Eleanor ~ Colin, what is the website for La Uruca Migracion, please? And the phone number? Is it NOT necessary to get another income verification letter from the U.S. Embassy? Or a letter from Banco Nacional stating I deposited $7200 in 2014? Eleanor, I only have a car today & tomorrow, and Puntarenas is a day trip for me, so my best bet at this point is La Uruca. I'll go there first thing in the morning and will post the results, so as to help others. If anybody has phone numbers for Migracion, that would help. Whew! I think I've asked all the questions I can. Barb
  14. Hey Paul.... Happy New Year! One of these days we'll hook up again...?? Can you please shed some additional light on accomplishing the feat of Cedula Status Change to Permanent for me? I just tried to call BCR, where I merely renewed previously, but was unable to get an English-speaking person. (My Spanish is too mas o menos to rely on total understanding of the directions in Spanish.) When I went to Uruca with a girlfriend a few months back, the lady at one of the initial Help Windows gave me a piece of paper stating I need (3) things to change status: 1) The Letter of Solicitation, which Tom discussed earlier in this Forum), 2) Proof that I'd been approved for 3 years, and 3) the BCR receipt for $200 USD into their special acct. Is this all that is still currently required? Is it necessary to go to Uruca Imagracion, or does BCR handle this as well? Is there a specific phone number? There used to be a huge web page on their site welcoming Cedula transactions, and a phone number, but I've not been able to find it on their site this morning. Also, the lady at Imagracion said to just show up, but looks like it was necessary for Tom to make an appt. How do I do that? If Epcatt's off-line, anybody else please feel free to respond, as I only have a car today & tomorrow, and the bus trip is an all-day affair. You can also call me: 2446-07.49. I have Bronchitis, but can still talk somewhat. I really would like to expedite this matter. Thanks in advance! Barb
  15. Hi Tom & Marcia ~ Quick question: the Comprobantes are Vouchers for what...? I thought I was pretty clear on e'thing I need to take to Uruca or wherever for the Cedula change to Permanent, but now.... Hopefully, I'll be a complete person here and this will be over soon. Thanks, Barb

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