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  1. Epcatt--THERE you are! I knew you and CRF would respond! I already pulled out my trusty copy of The Legal Guide to Costa Rica and read from it to her. Sounds like she's got it when it says the total descriptions and furniture must be listed. The contract merely says "fully furnished"... right! I'm not familiar with Senor Castro's website, but will also pass that on to my disillusioned friend. As usual, THANKS! Barb
  2. Hi CRF!! Always a treat to hear from you! I will pass on this info. My first lease was written (in Spanish & I never got my gringo copy) and all was well. I did leave early due to the house being sold and we had a verbal agreement for a $$ incentive, which he honored. I moved to my 2nd rental in 3+ years and this one is a verbal & a handshake/hug. So far, so good...actually he's a pretty good guy, and I love the house. Actually had my eye on it for a year--knowing I was going to have to move sooner than expected. If you two are ever planning a trip down this way, please feel free &
  3. Hi Tom & Marcia ~ I agree with you re: the tilt of the law; however, the rub is that she hasn't secured a new place yet (looking almost every day) and needs to leave the country for two weeks mid-month. She'd like to stay out the month & offered to let the place be shown to prospective tenants starting this coming week. The landlord (a woman)seems to have taken a turn for the worse....
  4. Hi All ~ Hopefully someone on the Forum has dealt with this problem and can offer some expertise. #1) Yes, an attorney appt. has been set up for Monday a.m., 13 May. Here's the scenario: I have a new neighbor who previewed the house next door with an agent. There was furniture in the house and she asked the agent if it went with the house and was told, after he checked with the owner, "yes, except for the computer desk". When she moved in with only her personal items, the house was virtually empty. There was a twin bed in one BR, a Qn. bed in the other BR, a dining table & 4-chrs. and
  5. Hi... I used Pablo Arias in Atenas. He was highly recommended by all the "gringos" I spoke with who had had need of an atty. for RE purposes. He is very well versed in English, is non-confrontational, and a very pleasant and knowledgeable person. His office is located in the Cafe Tico Internet Cafe bldg. just off the park and on the same street that goes into the new auto pista, so he's easily accessible from SJ, Escazu, etc. Here is his info: Pablo Arias Gonzalez, Atty/Notary Cell: 8835-7490 email: ariaspa77@hotmail.com Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica Regards, Barb
  6. Hi... I sent you a post earlier tonite, I hope you received it? The timing says you might have... Barb Aira

  7. Thanks, TG... you're the BEST! Barb
  8. Shea: I made a typo in my post a moment ago re: the temp restriction on Delta. At 85 degrees Delta will restrict the pet from flying as Checked Baggage and will fly them as Cargo. Again, their website in very informative about the pet's comfort. I called them just now and they gave me the Cargo phone number for SJO airport in Costa Rica, which might be more definitive for your friend concerning the dog's weight & shipping procedures out of C/R. The number is: (506) 2443-4648. Hope this is also helpful.
  9. Shea: Also, check with Delta. They sell the 700 size direct for your pet, and the 70 degrees heat restriction for both luggage & cargo traveling pets is Sept. 15th. I spoke with them at great length the other nite, and they were most helpful. You can also go on Delta.com and in their search engine type in: "In Cabin Pets". It opens up the entire web page on traveling with your pet, not just the in-cabin ones. Hope this info is helpful, too. BTW, there is a good vet in Escazu recommended by Scott Oliver on the "We Love Costa Rica" web site & newsletter. The Vet's name is: Dr. Adria
  10. Oh, okay... not me--him! Good! I think I'm still normal, although, our golf cart is turquoise, has a band around the roof with a little bit of fringe hanging down, a seat in the back for (2) where the golf clubs used to go, and a radio.... Is life different in the Bahamas? I only made it as far as Bimini in 19xx on a Mike Burke, Windjammer Barefoot Cruise. Right around the time that Adam Clayton Powell used to hang out there in that big pink hotel. Now, tell me... what is LOL? (Lots of Luck???) and IMHO?? (no clue). You are teaching me a new language!
  11. Of course, our little golf cart is battery-operated, not gas. Does AAA come out there ?? Horses in town? Be still my heart!! That would make me feel good. My horse, Shar, just passed away on Jan 26. He would've been 32 on March 27th. I'd had him since he was 7 yrs. We were great friends! In what area do you live? BTW, we have very dear friends in Fallbrook, CA (just outside San Diego) by the name of Pedersen (Jack & Vio). Is there any chance you are related? Jack is of Danish descent; has a sister, Neva Smith in Washington, and a brother, Lyle, in San Diego who passed away 2-yrs. ago
  12. Now, David, from the "tone" of my posts, do you think I could ever be arrogant?!? More like Aggie Mac!! Besides, I have flowers sticking out of the divit sand holders... "What say you?" Barb
  13. Thank you. This is helpful, and I enjoy the way you write. We, too, are looking for a garden, with a house--that's picturesque! May I ask a (possibly silly) question? Does anyone use golf carts to go to the local village from the house? No, I am not lazy, but my hubby is 94 yrs. old, and has difficulty walking to the corner. Sometimes, just to get him "out" we'll take a ride on the golf cart with our dog. The cart was actually a 'dog transportation' necessity when we moved to the Desert in CA. The pavement was too hot to have the dogs walk to the dog run, and they were too heavy to carry. Thus
  14. Kenn: This was a really helpful post. My friend, Paul, who lives in Alajuela, says that over a two month period, which included buying some furniture & appliances, he only spent $350 in taxi bills, and that also included his driver waiting for him on several occasions. As you mention, if you add up the expenses of maintaining your personal car, the frustrations involved, etc., I can see that our 2-legged "wheels", the bus, or building a relaltionship with a Tico driver is most practical. You're right, also, about our having a car & driving everywhere being a habit in the U.S. (of
  15. All Hail King John! Can Pete & I come & live in your new country, too? He's too old to fight and I'm his caregiver, so I've gotta be there, too Barb
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