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  1. Cuquin

    ship un carro a costa rica

    yo , ahorita estoy en eso, y tu puedes entrar a la pagina del Ministerio de Hacienda, luego alli vas a ver creo que se llama cartico@, bueno algo haci en esa pagina para imformarse de cuanto te puede costar los impuestos de el carro, tienes que poner tu vin number del carro y todo lo que en la pagina te describe, como por ejm. ano,marca,modelo, traccion, gasolina o diesel, si es automatico o estandar, ect, . Un tip que te doy, ojala busques una buena agencia de aduana para que te ayuden, ellos son los expertos y saben como o cuanto es en el total a pagar. espero te sirva de algo.
  2. I'm back to help anyone in this forum and If John and Richard want to continue keep helping people.
  3. Cuquin

    request for money

    Is the truth, Thats the mentalatity of most Costa Ricans. So If I were you, I would make sure know my friend well If there Honest enough, maybe prove them if there responsable Before you get your robbed, etc.
  4. John is right, I'm trying to be something like Gerardo's help. But in this Forum, the people who visit here.
  5. Yeah, Your welcome. and Just tell me by like what month are you planning to come. and give me more details, if its for sure. Cuquin.
  6. Moving is not the problem to the Central Valley. All of it, Except for San Jose. I wouldnt move there. And yes! The south (Neily) is Extremely Hot. But it's really calm and safe. If you need any advice or counsel, theres my email juancarlitos888@hotmail.com
  7. Good Morning, Did I Clarify my self enough? Is there still any doubts? Richard, I live in Cuidad Neily (20 minutes from Paso Canoas the Costa Rican/Panama Border) And my Email is in my Signature.
  8. I'm not expecting to be reimbursed at all. and what im offering is FREE. And what i'm offering is helping the foriengers to find a place, etc. I'm not expecting nothing in me showing you the place, but we'll have to pay for the transportation because than that means the foreigner will take money from me, and that wont be good, and we are trying to help us both. So the foreigner will have to pay for everything outside what i'm not offering. Do you understand what i mean? I'm expecting no fee nor commision, thats in the conscience of the foreigner. Because my help was the person not getting over charged, thats what im offering. So if they want me to help them in something other than that, than thats them.
  9. 1st of all, I would like to Thank John for the clarification of the Forum Rules and his interest for my help. I understand that Costa Rica is one of the best places to retire, So since I have experience living in another country (U.S) that is not where I was born, I know how it feels having people help you find a good place, and it feels good. So i'm trying to help those because it's not that easy, because when most Costa Ricans think of typical foreigners. They think someone who is tired of living in U.S or wants somewhere to relax, and who is usually really wealthy. And living somewhere close to beach in a big house. So it's obvious that most of the mentality is that these ''gringos''ave alot of money, so if a Costa Rican ''helps'' them, they would try to think of a way of fooling the gringo so what does a Costa Rican do? Charge the foreigner alot in Dollars. and maybe the house is not even worth that. So in the First question: I would try all i can to help find a property and since im local, it wont be that difficult. So thats what im trying to do, be a mediator betwen the two parties. I'll also go with the person personally, and take them where ever they would like to live, and we'll communicate with the property owners who have their property for sale directly, instead of going through any Real Estate. 2nd: I'm not sure of these places, but whatever type of service the foreigner wants, i'll help them myself. If it's finding a lodge, a place to stay for the rest of their retirement. So since i'll help, i'll make sure no one will over charged. 3rd: Yes, My intention is to help everyone who seeks for help. Instead of them going out by themselves, because who doesnt like someone who they'll know, you'll be safe seeking help trying to find somewhere to stay or find a place where you can call it ''Home''. I also want help honest friends of mine, who i know will also help with me. And make living in Costa Rica easier for Tourist. -Cuquin
  10. Cuquin

    No Business

    Well, I Do live in Costa Rica and i am Costa Rican, so thats why i said if anyone had questions or wanted help. because im in touch with the locals. ill help them. but i unsterstood the rules, thank you
  11. It's help. not a business like i said in the other thread accidenly and the other member seemed interesting. so it might benefit other members
  12. Thank for telling us about the rules. but i'm not a business, im not advertising a business because im not one. and i dont work for one. we're not promoting one, because theres no business to promote. what i am saying? helping foreigners get betters deal. so its not business at all, thats why this thread exist right? to help the other people, so if people ARE interested in the things i posted, they should message me
  13. Cuquin

    Bring a car into Costa Rica

    I'l give you an Advice. It's better to ship the car because It'll save you more money because the Aduanas in others countries (Mexico, Etc) will abuse their power in taking more money. They'll prolly say if you dont pay them, they'll keep the car. I say this, because it has happened to Friends of mine. It's also not that safe. (Really Dangerous) If that has changed your mind, contact me. and i'll try to give you information about where to ship your car. or tell me, where exactly are you moving to in Costa Rica. I'm also in the same situation. I'm bringing my car from the states. Hopefully this month or next month.
  14. We'll help connect directly to the Land owners. Do not Pay to the Real Estate Operators. (It's Too Much Money) If your planning to make a Business. (We will also help you find the location or the Exact Point) Please note down your Questions in this Thread. Thank You.

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