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  1. I live a bit further out of SJ than you in Coronado. I have Cable Tica internet and TV service. I only have 2mB/sec internet but it works fine for streaming most of the time. The service has been as reliable as any I had in the US. I pay $50/mo for both internet and TV. I am not sure if they will provide internet only.
  2. Hmmm... That is precisely why I said YMWV. I showed my Comprobante from la migra and a copy (plain) of my pension verification. The comprobante shows the amount of your (declared) pension anyway.
  3. What I have done in the past is to just go there and present yourself and your needs. The staff there will help you find a doctor to suit your requirements. They can usually accommodate without too much of a wait. Aside from that you could call the hospital and ask for assistance. I had an earache once and did just what I described. I soon had an appointment with an ear specialist. A Chinese gal who spoke Spanish, English and, I suppose some form of Chinese. I had to wait about 30 min. for my appointment. I left with a prescription for some pills and ear drops. I recovered quickly.
  4. When it came time for me to affiliate with the CAJA I inquired with ARCR as to what the monthly rate would be through them and I then visited my local CAJA office to see what sort of rate I could get directly. It turned out that it was significantly cheaper to affiliate directly with the CAJA and that is what I did. The difference was probably that the folks at my local CAJA calculated the rate using the amount of the minimum required pension of $1000/mo, not the actual amount that I receive. As always, YMMV. No, that is not correct. YMWV!
  5. That's called dumpster diving! We're all guilty at one time or another. But it's good that you looking over existing threads!
  6. New licenses are issued on the day of the renewal. You will leave with your new license.
  7. I don't know about Apple stuff but most other phones and tablets will show an icon at the top of the screen that shows what sort of service you are using, GSM, 3G, 4G. If not, you can look in something like "Mobile Networks" to see what sort of network you are connected to. And, of course, if your device is only GSM and/or 3G then that is best you will have. If it is 4G you could be using any of the above depending on what network is available where you happen to be. Speedtest.net is a good website to use to check your internet speed.
  8. What sort of service are you receiving from Claro and Kolbi? Do you have GSM, 3G or 4G service? What sort of internet speed?
  9. Are the apps that the tablet will need to run available in both iOS for the iPad or Android for the Samsung (or others)? This may limit your decision. I have an LG G-pad 7.0 that I bought off of eBay in the US for about $80. It was "refurbished" but looks as good as new. It is a 4G LTE model originally made for AT&T but it was unlocked so it will work with other SIMs too. It has excellent specs and has up-to-date Android version 5.0. It works fine with a Kolbi SIM on their 4G LTE network.
  10. I don't know about the two closest offices to Turri. Surely Cartago must be one of them. Maybe Puerto Viejo or Limon? I can tell you about renewing @ Cartago... I renewed there last year. It definitely beats going to La Uruca (SJ). You need to arrive at the Cartago offiices BEFORE 11 AM. The staff there start doing driver exams at 11 AM. As stated, there is BCR branch up the road next to the gas station. There are offices across the road for a medical exam and for photocopies if needed. None of the madness at Cartago like there is at La Uruca.
  11. How is the service from Claro? Do you have GSM, 3G or 4G service? What sort of internet speed?
  12. Income statement??? You only need to show the pension verification that you used to apply for residency. A copy is sufficient. I don't understand why you don't have copies of all of your original documents. The first thing I did with each of my documents was to scan them and save digital copies in multiple locations. I also made hard copies. Your atty should have saved copies of everything related to your residency application. SHOULD. It seems to me that you are making more of this than is necessary. I know that applying for residency can be stressful but you are over the hump. You have been approved and only need to apply for CAJA and go get your cedula. It sounds like your atty has this in hand despite your circumstances.
  13. Yes Paul, there is a way to save and print the monthly CAJA receipt. Once the payment is completed the details of the transaction are shown and there are a couple of buttons near the bottom of the window, imprinir and descargar. This is very common for many online transactions. You have the option to save or print a copy of the receipt. I always select descargar so I can save a copy to my PC. The download goes to the Downloads folder for my web browser. I open the.pdf that was downloaded and do a Save As to put a copy in a folder I have for all of these receipts and rename the file to something that make sense. After this is done I print a copy of the receipt to carry in my wallet. I print the receipt at 1/4 size, trim away the excess paper, fold the copy in and place it in my wallet with my CAJA carnet. This is with BNCR. I imagine that other banks have a similar option with their web access.
  14. The CAJA will not be mailing anything to you. When you affiliate at your CAJA office you will leave with a receipt for your first payment. Take this receipt with you to your EBAIS. They will need info from this receipt to create your CAJA carnet. You will leave the EBAIS with your carnet. Nothing to mail.
  15. I second induna... ¡Tranquilo! The utility bill is only to establish/verify an address. This is important to the CAJA because their offices and clinics service only specific areas and they verify that you are in the correct office/clinic with something that shows your address, a utility bill! Once you are living in CR you will quickly learn that a utility bill is a standard requirement for most govt,/official transactions. Evidently most people do not know how to tell someone where they live, hey, it's not like there addresses in CR!, so the utility bill has become the gold standard. It's funny though, neither my electric nor water bill adequately describe where I live. I always bring a copy of my rental lease which does describe, very accurately, where my house is. Once the dust has settled and you are living in your own place in CR, you will need to return to the CAJA and update your dirección with them. If your place is not close to where your attorney lives then you may need to visit a different office and/or EBAIS that serve the area where you live.

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