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    Seeking dog lovers!

    Rick you are funny, and no, I am hooked, I have no intention of missing out of this dynamic exchange! Thank you EleanorCR for your interest in the pet care idea, I am very excited about it! You see, I struggled and struggled with whether to bring my dogs (both of whom are my constant shadows, and whom I adore…) due to our intention to see areas of CR that we have not seen yet, before we settle down…but I was worried about dragging them around the country etc. When I started to realize that there are many others who are super attached to their animals, have chickens to feed etc, and also want to be able to travel, that’s when I got excited about the idea of FINDING likeminded folks to trade dog/pet/animal care, house sitting, or set up a website to build a community thing… I am still not sure how to best set this up, but I intend to do something with the idea for sure! I love dogs, cats, any kind of animal, and this idea excites me. Eleanor to answer your question, I will be there full time in less than a month, renting in Sarchi, traveling as much as possible, and working on language and residency through the rest of this rainy season, not starting real work and life on our property until probably January. We will be arriving as very burned-out escapees from the Norte Americano rat-race, and so intend to take some time to immerse, observe, meet people, get our bearings, before we get neck deep in the mud on a daily basis! You are all welcome to come dry out at our house anytime (just watch out for the wet dogs’ hahaha!)! Cathy
  2. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    You all have allot of good points, which are why I naively strayed into this territory here: I am interested in learning. I must say, CRF, you completely mistook me if you thought I was in any way offering “advise!!” I claim to be an expert in NOTHING Costa Rican! I grew up in Hawaii, and have only had the luck to spend short periods of time in Costa Rica to date, though we our purchased property a few years ago there. I suppose it’s possible to misinterpret mere interest and enthusiasm for, well, whatever you thought it was, but REALLY, I did not mean to step on anybody’s toes. I can see that you all have worked very, very hard, in many endeavors, and thus have allot of advice to offer, and clearly the sweat on your brow to have earned it. Which is exactly why I was asking these questions. You are all expats, correct? In that case, I suspect you all had to start learning somewhere, just like me! EleanorCR I am well aware that Costa Rica is neither Hawaii nor California…which is precisely why we are moving: something profoundly new to us. We will not be in Kansas anymore. Thank goodness. Anyway, I have taken all your thoughts to heart and perhaps am a tad wiser for the wear. Considering that we are about to jump in feet first, that is a good thing! A todo: Que le vaya bien.
  3. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    I'd wondered about these things, good points all. Costa Rica is an intense environment to work in and definitely locals know best. Machetes and snake are good reasons to hire ticos who know their stuff. But I have friends on the big island of Hawaii with a wonderful organic farm producing a variety of local goodies and they have become more and more successful with Woofers. The Woofers have allowed my friends to expand and develop the infrastructure of their farm, and the workers have even built the places they stay in! Now I recognize that Hawaii is allot "tamer" then Costa Rica (no snakes, for example!), But they said they never could have afforded to hire locals for that help, it’s a small farm, they do not have allot of money and they do not have budget for salaries, benefits, holiday pay etc, but they do have space to offer in a lovely place and, most importantly, I am sure, the time and patience to offer guidance and supervision. They get some fantastic young people from all over the world, and some not so young at all! And some of these woofers are quite skilled actually. From what I understand, part of the exchange is the non-tangible exchange of friendship and shared experiences, and everybody benefits. However, for them, the cost anaysis has been in favor of the volunteers, who, by the way, do not pay (just room and board). My friends comment was interesting, she said that as she gets older her role in the life of the farm changes to more and more of "leader" and supervisor and doing less of the physical labor herself. The big, big thing about that is, she said, that it will keep the two of them on the farm many years longer than they could have done without the help. I find THAT food for thought...hahaha
  4. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Its interesting that WOOFERS in CR are usually have to pay and thus a seperate WWOOF entitiy! I wonder why that got started that way? Have any of you used WOOFERS or similar organizations to help you on your places and projects?
  5. cathyp

    movers with storage capacity in CR?

    Kelly, Savannah, CostaRicaFinca and CMinCR: thank you so much for your input on this. I will be contacting these guys to see their availiability and get quotes! Thank you all!!
  6. Hi all, we need some personal recommendations for movers inside CR. We are back up in California packing up our stuff, and have a great mover to work with from this side. What we need is a CR mover who deals with the stuff there AND who can offer storage there in a good quality facility (i.e. climate controlled to some extent, air circulation, and safe). Who has a good reputation there? The guy we want to work with here is a Mayflower dealer in San Rafael, Ca, who has come to us highly recommended. I think he has used a Rainier agent there, anybody know about Rainier? Moving our stuff mid July. Thanks!!
  7. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Hi all! Thank you for your responses, Pat, Tibas9, EleanorCR, Terry (see you in 2014!!!), Shea and Gayle and Marcia: There is a group in the states, on the west coast and now in the southwest, called City Dog Share, doing kind of a version of this idea, take a look at http://www.citydogshare.org/ And those house sitting types of websites are inspiring too. It’s fun to see people thinking outside of the box. These networking sites are wonderful. Gayle what you said: “expanding what cathy suggested to connect people who love animals and would like to spend time somewhere else in CR” is exactly what I was thinking. I didn’t mean that an actual “exchange” would necessarily happen simultaneously, i.e. I might care for your animals next week while you travel, and then you might feed my chickens and dogs while I party in Limon in October LOL! Kind of a pay-it-forward thing. Oh, and, Gayle, what a small world, my daughter too just spent 3 months as a work-a-wayer overseas! Such a very fun, immersive way to travel!
  8. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Hi all, no I am really NOT talking about running a business. I am interested in finding a small community of animal loving people who want to enable each other to travel more freely, with and without our pets. I am mostly thinking of all the animals we love and are tied to...(and yes , Marcia, CATS too, by all means! I miss cats, had four big fellows for many many years, and I miss them!) It "takes a village" to raise our animals, and it is more the "village" for the pets and ourselves that I am seeking. More of an extended family mode than a business mode. I have cared for peoples chickens in exchange for fresh eggs, for example, and once cared for a slew of dogs in exchange for a week in a house (with 6 giant magnificent drooling roomates) right on the water. One time we took someones pet African Grey into our house just for the JOY of having him around! But meanwhile, Shea, I would love to be able to contact the person you know is IS doing a pet care business. Would she mind if you put me in touch with her? But I have very little money and lots of TIME AND ENERGY, thus I think exchanging TLC of our pets is a better fit for me most of the time.Oh, and Elanor, thank you so much for the good wishes!! I want to tell you that we have a bit of a home base in Sarchi, but we are also part time in Santa Cecelia, not too far from San Vito, close to the Panamanian boarder. Any body have any ideas how I might be able to pursue this pet care exchange idea further? Costa Rica is too magnificent to always stay home to feed the chickens lol! From north to south and east to west, there is so much to do. And for me, any chance to meet other animal-crazy folks is as exciting as seeing Arenal or Turrialba in action! Maybe we need a kind of social network website or something, kind of like the WOOFERS, where there is NO MONEY EXCHANGED, just people who want to BE USEFUL TO SOMEONE ELSE, DO SOME WORK, AND GO NEW PLACES! People put up their profiles and connect, and also write reviews of thier expericnces with the others. What do y'all think?
  9. cathyp

    Seeking dog lovers!

    Hello everybody! I m looking to meet dog lovers both near us ( in the Sarchi area), AND all over Costa Rica who might be interested in forming a little pet care co-operative of sorts! We could all have allot of fun, allow each other to travel while keeping each other’s dear mascotas safe and happy. Pet care could be on an exchange basis only, or on a fee basis, or any combination. We have two medium sized dogs, who are older and used to lots of company. We want to travel regularly for short periods (from two nights to two weeks max) to a variety of places in CR and also Panama. Anybody interested in a house/dog/pet exchange? I would be happy to take great care of your dogs and house while you travel, or to take a dog or two into our home while you travel. We have lots of experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, as well as many other types of animals. Pet pig? Llamas? Horses? Birds? Looking forward to your help brainstorming this!
  10. Has anyone had experinence with needing to send a pet from Costa Rica TO the US? I need to find out if there are any special consideratons I should know about, and what kinds of general costs will be involved. Any feedback greatly appriciated!

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